'All the Best'
Double CD


As heard at Faversham Hop Festival 2002

Shelagh Bradley (Kate's mum) wrote : "Beau can I interest you in promoting an amazing Flemish band called Kadril"
"They play traditional tunes on traditional instruments (Pipes, Fiddle, Accordion, Mandolin, Hurdy-Gurdy, Nyckelharpa) which have been amplified, as well as electric bass and guitar. Their singer is a lovely young lass with a powerful pair of lungs and they are a very pleasant and talented bunch of blokes."

Well I saw them at Favesham Hop Festival - 9 people on stage and more than 20 instruments - "some young, some not so young" to quote Jack Pound - no I mean the instruments - I had to ask about some of them, from fiddle-hurdy crosses to optically keyed pipes driving a sampled synthesizer. Brilliant music, the floor was full of dancers, top quality sound.
They were back again in 2003 - most welcome and highly appreciated.


There is a double CD of their music if you'd like to hear them,

Kadril 'All the Best' Double CD

available now from Kent Folk, via PayPal :
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