Tim Edey - Laura Targett - Lucy Randall.

Tim Edey, Laura Targett and Lucy Randall did some recording when Laura came back to Kent from Australia, during December 2001. KentFolk has a limited edition demo CD of some of these tracks, plus tracks with Tim playing (multi-tracked), and pre-views of forthcoming albums. I have placed five of these ten tracks here (with Tim's permission), as free MP3 downloads. kentfolk_logo_sm3.gif

The MP3 offerings here are a sampling from the many excellent tracks on this CD, including some of Tim's own composition. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 were recorded on a boat in Ramsgate Marina - a 44ft cutter rigged boat called Endevour, Tim's dad built it!
As always, these MP3 files are mounted here with Tim's approval - If you like them, please buy Tim's latest CD "Daybreak" from Tim Edey and

Gnatbite Records

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Gnatbite Demo ETR 1.1 : Tim Edey, Laura Targett, Lucy Randall : December 2001.

MP3 Music - Five full tracks :

1: Donegal Reels.

Trad., arr. L. Targett / T. Edey.
Laura: Fiddle.
Tim: Guitars, slide guitar, bass, keys, accordion.
- 3min 57sec, 3.7MBytes.


2: Custy's jig, Clare jig, Big reel.

Trad., arr. T. Edey / L. Randall.
Laura: Fiddles.
Lucy: Bodhran.
Tim: Guitars, bass, banjo.
- 3min 38sec, 3.4MBytes.


3: Two Reels, Cathel Hayden's.

Laura: Fiddle.
Tim: Guitar.
- 2min 14sec, 2.1MBytes.


4: Polkas, West of Dingle set.

Trad., arr. T. Edey.
Tim: Accordion, guitars, bass, percussion.
- 2min 40sec, 2.5MBytes.


5: She moved through the fair.

Trad., arr. L. Targett/T. Edey.
Laura: Vocals.
Tim: Guitars, .
- 4min 5sec, 3.8MBytes.


6: Lucy Randall's special.

Recorded live on New Year's Eve 2001!
Lucy: whistle.
Tim: Guitar.
- 1min 54sec, 1.8MBytes.

7: Danish Quadrille

Arr. T. Edey.
Tim: Accordion, guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo.
- 2min 32sec, 2.4MBytes.

8: The Dawning of the Day, Homeruler Hornpipe.

Trad., arr. T. Edey.
Tim: Guitars, bass, keys, percussion, banjo.
- 4min 5sec, 3.8MBytes.

© copyright arranged by L. Targett, Tim Edey mcps/prs and Lucy Randall on the Gnatbite records label 2001.
(p) L. Targett, Tim Edey mcps/prs and Lucy Randall 2001.
All tracks recorded, engineered and produced by Tim Edey at Strathnairn studios December 2001.