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Subject: The Kent 3D Exhibition (3D images of Kent acts)

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By Heidi Crittall (Heidi) on Monday, December 05, 2005 -
05:14 pm:

I am contacting a number of groups who cover the kent area.
We are at present putting together an exhibition of 3D images, which will tour Kent next year. The images are in true 3D, similar to holograms, we have a number of different sections in the exhibition, one of which is a Kent music section. What we hope to achieve in this section is to have a collection of 3D photographic images of groups etc who represent a range of musical interests from all over the kent area, from folk to pop, from 60's to glam. Since this exhibition is going to be a very high profile exhibition, anyone being featured in the section would hopefully gain a good deal of public exposure. Most of the 3D exhibits in the main part of the exhibition are being fully sponsored by companies. We are therefore seeking local bands, artist's, groups etc, who would like to be featured as a 3D image in the Kent music section. The group, artist, band, would have to be available for a 3D shoot early next year. We are at present working on putting together a proposal for those interested in being featured in this section, and working on gaining as much sponsorship from companies to cover the costs. We are at present in discussions with a company who are interested in covering a very large proportion of the costs needed for the Kent Music Section. Anyone interested please leave a message.

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