From: Kailing Chang [changmanagement_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 25 March 2006 16:29
Subject: up-to-date info for programme

Attachments: Press_and_more_eng..doc; LucaLucianobio(Chang).doc
Dear Webber,

My name is Kailing Chang and I represent the clarinettist/composer Luca Luciano based in London. I have been in touch with you on regard of the music programme you organize and I am writing to you in order to send some up-to-date information.
You can also find out more on: (go for the English version) or plus a preview of Luca's latest album titled '' Neapolis'', produced by Red kite Records of Martin Levan (recently involved with Trilok Gurtu, Antonio Forcione and others, after more than 20 years as music designer for Broadway musicals like ''The Phantom Of The Opera'' and ''Cats'') .
Luca has been receiving much appreciation by media (in the UK and abroad) and renowned musicians (G. Trovesi of ECM, Guy Barker, G. Mirabassi, etc.) for his unique style and compositions (also mentioned on books about the clarinet repertoire) deeply influenced by classical music composers like Debussy, Vivladi, Stravinsky and jazz artistes and he is due to perform with his Duo, among other gigs, at the National Theatre, Teignmouth South Devon Festival, St Martin in the Fields, Royal Alber Hall "Ignite", Victoria&Albert Museum plus a collaboration in EIRE with an orchestra for a concert to be broadcast on tv nationwide by RTE.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information you may need.
Yours sincerely,

Kailing Chang
52, Court Royal, Carlton Drive
SW15 2BJ London
changmanagement_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk or lucaluciano_at_interfree_dot_it
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