From: Folk in the Barn [folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk] Sent: 29 December 2005 23:31
Subject: FITB - Want to Play?

Hi Everyone!

Someone from this list emailed me just before Christmas with a brilliant suggestion. I'd been thinking along similar lines myself so maybe there's others out there that are doing the same? Are any of you musicians? I don't mean professionals, (I know a few of you are!!!) I mean people who like to play for their own enjoyment and would maybe like to get together with others that have similar influences, (ie from Steve Knightley to Steve Earle) to play and sing and jam a bit, and just have a bit of fun, and hopefully learn a bit in the process. Does that sound like you? Drop me
an email back if it is.

Obviously the location will be dictated by numbers. If you think you could be interested let me know. And if so, what days/evenings you could/couldn't do.
Happy New Year

01227 831493