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Christine Collister  (Monday 27th March - The Ravenswood, Sharpthorne)
 Christine Collister
Described by some of the UK’s music press as "one of the world's finest" and "having a killer voice as full as Dusty Springfield and as blue as Alison Moyet", Christine Collister is one of the country’s most critically acclaimed singers and recording artists. Her musical influences range from folk to pop to disco. In a recent interview, Christine said: "Dusty Springfield came up through the folk clubs. It’s a much broader church than people imagine. In England, people have a very narrow idea of what folk music is. Whereas in America I don’t mind the term so much because it is an altogether bigger umbrella. Quite a lot of different music is actually embraced by it. I loved Karen Carpenter, mainly because I could sing along with her because she had such a low voice. I also really like Bonnie Raitt, and Steely Dan and singers like Diana Ross. I was a child of the seventies so I have all that disco stuff as well. I was brought up with the Bee Gees – they’re Manx, like me."

" much soul you think she’d been signed by Motown" Q Magazine

Christine Collister can sing the birds down off the trees and send them back with a tiny flick of her vocal chords.”   Mojo

"Forget your Katie Meluas. If you want a real voice try Christine Collister"  Alan Clifford,   BBC website/Music/Folk

Tickets are available to buy or reserve in advance at £8 (or £10 on the door) - telephone 01342 714810/716975. 
You can read more about Christine Collister here:
Support for the gig is provided by local boy Rob Nichols from Turners Hill, who recently won the 2005 Independent Leeds Open Mic Artist of the Year Award. Congratulations are definitely due!  You can read more about Rob on his website:
English Acoustic Collective - On English Ground (Thursday, 6th April - Chequer Mead, East Grinstead)
 Morris Offspring
With an appearance due on BBC2's Culture Show, the English Acoustic Collective (including award-winning Chris Wood) are bringing this brand new show to Chequer Mead, with energetic youngsters, Morris Offspring. Described as "poignant and breathtaking, passionate and spectacular", On English Ground is packed with dances, songs and traditional music.
Although this is not an Acoustic Sussex event, the promoter Laurel Swift has asked if we will bring it to everyone's attention, which we are delighted to do.
Tickets are £12 (conessions apply) from the Box Office on 01342 302000 or email: info_at_chequermead_dot_org_dot_uk.
June Tabor with Andy Cutting & Mark Emerson (Wedmesday, 19th April - Chequer Mead, East Grinstead)
 June Tabor
Awarded ‘Singer of the Year’ at the 2004 BBC Folk Awards, June Tabor has a richly deserved reputation as an explorer of a song’s soul and a performer of gripping commitment, interweaving words and music to create an atmosphere that will haunt the memory.  This is the first date in her Spring tour, which sees a different line-up in which she is joined by world-class box accordion player Andy Cutting (ex-Blowzabella, and who often accompanies Kate Rusby) plus Mark Emerson on viola, violin and piano. Her latest CD, 'At the Wood's Heart' (2005), was nominated for Album of the Year in the 2006 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  
"June Tabor is quite simply one of Britain's greatest interpreters of popular song. She is a performer with an extraordinary range and the ability to mix intensity, passion and drama with a chillingly lived in voice that makes every song sound like a personal experience"   The Guardian

"A June Tabor concert is a unique musical experience offering... a mutual sense of involvement that brings singer and listener together. June Tabor takes you inside a song...and once you've been there, you want back for more”" The Scotsman

"As a paragon of the virtues that folk music holds in its cultural armoury, June Tabor must surely rate as number one. Her repertoire has never been blinkered by a quest for authenticity: she has covered all territories from Weimar ballads via jazz to the most trad of trad English folk. And yet, the sense of scholarship that she brings to her work never lets you forget that you are listening to, perhaps, the greatest interpreter and curator of indigenous British music." BBC website

Tickets are £14 (conessions apply) from the Box Office on 01342 302000 or email: info_at_chequermead_dot_org_dot_uk.
You can read more about June Tabor here:
Stephen Fearing (Monday, 24th April - Upstairs at the Red Lion, Turners Hill)
 Stephen Fearing
Stephen Fearing is one of North America’s finest guitar players and a unique vocalist who has shared the stage with everyone from Merle Haggard and Buck Owens to Richard Thompson and Martin Carthy. Praised by music writers from all over the world and a veteran of the international touring circuit, Stephen has performed extensively throughout America, the UK and Ireland. He has released six solo recordings plus three with The Rodeo Kings and received multiple Canadian JUNO nominations and awards for his work. He has performed on Canadian award shows, national music programmes and played countless major festivals. He has enjoyed heavy radio play both in Canada and the US and also has the burden of being a really nice man.
Tickets are £8 in advance (£10 on the door) - telephone 01342 714810/716975. 
You can read more about Stephen Fearing here:
Support for the gig is provided by Cate Ferris from Brighton, who you can hear playing live this Sunday evening on BBC Southern Counties 'South Live' programme. (More information can be found here:
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More information on all up-and-coming artists can be found on our website:

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