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OK Folks.....I have now changed my email address to  John_at_bottleneckblues_dot_com  & my site is now ONLY accessible from  We've gone all .com now!  Please change your address books.  According to my Son (he of superior intellect, he calls his Dad a computer Dork & who am I to argue?) says this is much we'll see.
I had over 200 addresses bounce back when I last sent the attached email so I hope you don't mind me sending it again....just in case.........John.
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The Corrina Greyson Band
The Bottleneck Blues Club
The Roffen, Rochester
8:00pm 'til 11.00 (ish)
Well Toby got away yesterday & sends his sincere thanks to everyone....we had a ball....I might not make anything out of these tours but boy do we have some fun.  Not a day went by without us both being reduced to tears ~ of laughter ~ not pain!
He commanded great respect & awe wherever he played....Geoff...ex-senior roadie with the Rolling Stones & their close friend (he's a great artist & paints their back-drops when on tour) said he'd never seen or heard a guitarist as good as Toby....some compliment!  I have dozens of emails from around the country from promoters & audiences alike expressing similar sentiments.
Thanks to you all for your forbearance last was a hard night for us all, not one I wish to repeat but I feel we got out of it as best we could.  My apologies to Gordon, Geoff, Bill & the others who turned up but couldn't get a seat....I just didn't know how I was going to set the room out until I got there. I only had 40 booked on the Monday & within 12 hrs of finding out we didn't have our normal room I got about another 70 bookings!!!....Sods Law....I probably turned 30 away ~ so sorry. I often say...The King is dead, long live the King...which brings me neatly to our next gig.
Corrina Greyson is, in my opinion, one of Europe's finest Blues/Jazz vocalists & she ONLY works with the best musicians.  For example Winston Delandro her lead guitarist (you've seen him with Root Jackson, Taka Boom, Ian Siegal) has done a lot of work with Bob Marley he really is superb....a craftsman who is as happy with Reggae & Jazz as he is with Blues. Her last lead guitarist was Matt Schofield....get the idea?
This will be another "Masterclass" not just a gig.
Plenty of space as I write lot are leaving things to the last minute at the moment which does cause me a little angst!  Please book up ASAP as I need another 50 or 60 at this gig to break-even & Corrina deserves a full house.
01634 314602
07702 554989
PS........Sorry about that "Test" email you received.....I'm still trying to sort out my email & inadvertently sent out a CC list instead of a BCC list.  I'll but you all a drink at the 34th of Octember gig.