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Subject: Next Gig & other trivia

The gig in Rochester on Tues 28th featuring The Corrina Greyson Band is at last booking up nicely.  I only have a few tables left but still some seating although that's going fast too.
I hope you don't mind me mentioning the very interesting site belonging to Helen & Mike Armstrong (long-term members of The Bottleneck & jolly nice people!!) as we approach the holiday season.  Check out  Mike & Helen have two superb villas in Dalyan, Turkey......this is truly a magical place, one of the most interesting & beautiful locations I've ever been to....& I've been all over the World!!  I spent a week there last year & hope to get back this year.  Most importantly Mike & Helen are happy to offer a special 10% discount to any Bottleneck Blues Club goers who book a holiday through them.  Cheap flights are available from Stanstead & sometimes from Gatwick & they (or I) can help you with this.
I've been approached by a lady who lives in Ramsgate who would love to come to the club but she doesn't there anybody in the Ramsgate area prepared to offer her a lift?  She's happy to pay petrol costs.  If you can help please contact me & I'll pass on your details.
Lastly, my change to  &  john_at_bottleneckblues_dot_com seems to have gone without too many probs. The bonus for me is that the 150 Spams I got everyday have now stopped.....for the time being!!
If you know anybody who claims to be on my list but isn't getting my bulletins please ask them to contact me...I get apx 200 bounce-backs every time I send an Eletter which is a little me many people will have changed their email addresses but not notified me.
Whilst I am no longer organising international tours for my team of artists I am in the process of finalising Geoff Achison's "farewell" tour in mid June....he's only here for six days (our club gig being SAT 17th June in Maidstone) so do support him even though the bloody World Cup will be in full-swing, decimating audiences across the country no doubt!
However before all that I have confirmed bookings for (amongst others) Paul Lamb & The King Snakes, Kevin Brown, Big Dez ( a great band from France), Caroline Aiken (from Atlanta) & later ..... Tom Doughty, The Martin Harley Band, Ian Siegal, Rag Mama Rag, Matt Schofield & Jeremiah Marques & The Blue Aces.