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Sent: 22 February 2006 15:44
Subject: RE: FITB - Martin Simpson (Ignore this if you weren't there please)

Hi Debs,

I would like to write you something, but must do some writing for my research instead - tell me if you have not had something from someone else in a few days.

What I have done for you is added the SOH gigs to Google Base, for East Kent - see :

(had some grief getting it to display the Friday gig, but seem to be there now)

Thanks for great music,

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From: Folk in the Barn [mailto:folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 21 February 2006 15:06
Subject: FITB - Martin Simpson (Ignore this if you weren't there please)

Another quickie! Do two quickies make a longie?
Don't answer that!

Thank you so much for coming on Friday to the 12th FolkintheBarn gig.  The standard continues, I thought he was a brilliant musician. That blind Willie Johnson slide thing he did was awesome, as was his playing throughout.  However, I don't feel familiar enough with the man and his music to be able to do a review. I'm sure some or at least one of you must be able and hopefully willing to give it a try.  I would be really very grateful and it would be nice to have something to send to the local paper.  You're reward for the winning effort would be a free ticket to any forthcoming FITB gig, so please help me out if you have the time.

I am in the process of re-negotiating terms with the Cathedral venue which is why I have been unable to book any further gigs for the time being.  However a Summer/Autumn programme for the Kingston Barn will be announced shortly.

Thanks all


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