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"Pick it up and carry it on..."
 NEW CD Additions:::
The very best new indie and indie label music- folk, bluegrass, Celtic, country (the real stuff, not the cowboy hats), roots and more...
Doc & Merle
Doc & Merle Watson
"Black Mountain Rag "
     Twenty cuts culled from their Flying Fish releases from the early 1980s are remastered on this release. Featuring T. Michael Coleman on bass and Mark O'Connor on fiddle, as well as a 1990 guitar trio recording with Tony Rice and Norman Blake. Including "Down Yonder," "Blackberry Blossom," "Black Mountain Rag," and more.  
Artist Page

Gabrielle Gabrielle Louise
     Twenty-one-year-old Gabrielle Louise is a Berklee-trained musician noted for her stunning vocals and poignant songwriting, who is garnishing comparisons to a young Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell. Journey is Gabrielle Louise’s debut album, a genre-bending mix of folk, roots, pop, and alt-country, which displays an emotional depth well beyond her age.  Artist Page

The Lash The Lash
"Fire Under Grace"
     Highly anticipated third album from this post-modern Celtic/rock outfit. Drummer Murray Stewart-Jones, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Potrykus join Rob Klajda, the band's principal writer and vocalist, and bassist Tom Beller on this collection of traditional and original tunes.  Artist Page  >  Also available as a Digital Album

Grisman David Grisman
     Mandolin Olympian Grisman returns to bluegrass! 14 tracks with his own Bluegrass Experience: Keith Little on banjo, guitar, and vocals, Jim Nunally on guitar and vocals, fiddler Chad Manning and Samson Grisman on bass.  Artist Page

Anne Roos Anne Roos
"Haste To the Wedding"
Romantic Celtic music about everlasting love performed on solo Celtic Harp and with an ensemble of other traditional Celtic instruments. This new release* of Celtic wedding ceremony music is packaged inside a lovely 48-page hardcover book containing vintage color images, Celtic toasts, blessings, legends, recipes, wedding traditions, and descriptions of traditional ceremonial attire. Artist Page   > Also available as a Digital Album

 NEW!!! Digital Albums :::
All Digital Albums (DAs) are 192kbps stereo MP3s, ready to download instantly and play on any digital player or burn to CD; liner notes and album graphics are included for most titles >>
Crookfinger Crookfinger Jack
"Beggar Boy of the North"
     This is a re-release of a "classic" set of recordings made by Greg Stephens for Fellside Records in 1978. The story behind these recordings is well documented by Greg in the accompanying 12 page booklet along with information on the musicians involved, where they are now and indeed a picture of those young men way back when they made this recording!. Digital Album  

Mark Mark Dougherty
"Shadows in the Light "
      North Carolina strummer and crooner Mark Dougherty makes sadness so sweet. With strong, jangly guitar work, fine flat-picking, and a voice that mirrors both, Dougherty reclaims the language of the '60s singer-songwriter. On this, his latest CD, Mark brings the emotion of CSN&Y and the sensitivity of James Taylor to a modern folk approach and style that is all his own.  Digital Album  

Pig's Ear Pig's Ear
"A Silk Purse"
      "A SIlk Purse" was Pigs Ear's first album, originally produced on cassette tape in 1991, digitally remastered 2001, complete with addition of wind accompaniments from daughter Lyndsey. Digital Album  

Crea8tive Confederate Crea8tive Confederate
"The Civil War- Songs About an Era "
      Sixteen original songs about Civil War events composed, produced and performed by multi-instrumentalist Derwin Hinsony. Also includes " Amazing Grace".  Digital Album  > Also available as on CD
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        The ability to send music around the world, instantly and at very little cost, may yet save our "endangered species". CDs are still the medium of choice for most of us, but when a great album goes out of print, or an artist has a new collection of songs (but not the resources to press a CD) you just can't beat the new Digital Albums.  
     "I just finished buying and downloading Marti Jones' 'Unsophisticated Time', which is going for big bucks on eBay. The 192kbps MP3s sound great- thanks for making this classic album available to the masses again!" - Leo G., a very satisfied fan.
    Come back for more, Leo! And try our handy MP3 MultiPaks- they bring the price per track down as low as 75 cents, and make one-click downloading a breeze.
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