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Hi folks.............Just got in from Gatwick after a wonderful holiday.........It's 10:30am in Turkey (8:30am here) & yesterday at this time I was lying on Iztusu beach in 32C + temperatures, alternating with disgustingly warm swims in the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, gazing up into an azure sky.  Boy am I glad to be back in Kent!!
Er.......Right this month's prize for spotting the "deliberate" mistake in the last newsletter goes out to Sid Pharquer (a case of Bovril is on its way Sid).......of course Evan Jenkins plays DRUMS not bass......well, my mind was on other things when I typed it & Sven needed his nappy changing & I got a bit confused.......crushed in the rush as they say.  Sorry Evan......for all I know he's a great bassist too.
I'll reply individually in a day or so to all those requesting tables & extra seats for the gig on the 13th, the short answer is "Yes" to you all.......& thanks also for your many emails confirming the excellent gig from Ian Siegal we all had the privilege to be present at.
I always try to welcome newcomers (& the rest of you of course) & I spoke briefly to one guy, ensuring he was having a good time & he said "Yeh, it's alright but it's not any kind of blues I've ever heard"........well to put matters right I'm negotiating with the Donny Osmond Blues Morons ~ sorry ~ Mormons, in the hope of redressing the balance.  As I've said many times before, indeed in my very first hard-copy newsletter back in 1996 ~ pre computer days ~ The Bottleneck is a ROOTS club, you won't always get pure blues but what you will get is what I consider to be the best of the bunch....OK so that's a bit subjective but I reckon I get it right more often than I put on a bummer.....anyway I loved Ian's gig & whilst I'll never promote rock/blues we've got to turn up the heat now & again.
So, back to the 13th........The Matt Schofield Trio + Rag Mama Rag........a little bit of Delta/Country blues & a dollop of superb contemporary Jazz/Blues at our Maidstone "branch" ~ doors 8:00pm until late, waitress service, non-smoking & food if you want it.
Hope to see you there.
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