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Week ending 5 January 2007



Latest briefings from the Voluntary Arts Network

Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) has published three new briefings:

101 - What's happening with the Licensing Act 2003? - This briefing provides an update on the Act since its implementation, and helps organisations avoid some of the pitfalls that have arisen in the first twelve months of its operation.

102 - Accounting for Worth - This briefing is designed to help everyone in this diverse sector acknowledge our worth, both to ourselves and to others. Whether you are a volunteer, organisation, community group, freelance worker or policy maker it provides a context and a rationale for claiming the true economic value of the voluntary arts.

103 - Health and Safety in Offices - Electrical Equipment - This briefing explains how, by conducting regular checks and tests, you can control electrical risks and prevent accidents.

To read these and past briefings, visit the VAN briefings page at


Regulatory information on websites and email footers

From 1 January 2007 UK companies are required to include certain regulatory information on their websites and email footers to adhere to the Companies Act and avoid having to pay a fine. 

Companies must list their company registration number, place of registration, and registered office address on their website as well as in emails and on order forms. The information must be in legible characters, so can not be hidden in tiny or coloured text

source: UK Fundraising


A new website has been launched that should be very useful for all amateur performing societies. The idea behind the website is to help in the task of searching for sets, costumes, props, libs, scores and all the other bits and pieces needed for a show. It will store details of equipment, both for hire from commercial companies, and for sale or hire from amateur groups that may have bits and pieces left over from past shows.  All the items are catalogued by show name and equipment type (set, costume, prop, score, lib etc) to make searching easy. Browsing and searching the site is free and easy for all amateur societies.

Amateur (not for profit) groups can also include their own adverts free of charge for their surplus equipment. This can be done directly from the website.

source: noda



Deutsche Bank Spotlight Awards

area - Friday 2 February

Awards of 1,000 are available to young people aged 11 18 who have helped improve, change or create something in their school, club or community. These could include young people who have for example campaigned against racism, stood up for animal rights, spoken up about bullying at school or even started a club or school council. The award is open to both individuals and small groups of young people. A total of five prizes are available.
source: moda

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