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It is a cause for considerable delight to be able to congratulate Shirley on the award of an M.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List. This is such a well-deserved award for someone who has been such a profound influence on so many folk song enthusiasts from far and wide, but nowhere more than in her native county of Sussex. In so many ways Shirley has tried to share her love of English folk song and has become one of the folk scene's best advocates. Congratulations from us all!
We have hastily re-arranged our programme at the Royal Oak so that on Thursday February 1st.. Well, read the next item, but on that night, we will be presenting a folder to her of all the congratulations/goodwill messages/cards/emails that we receive here. I will cut her out of the circular this month so that this can be a surprise on the 1st. We are currently arranging a programme of performers that we know that Shirley would like to hear on that evening and already two really top performers have agreed to appear - but as it says below, more details on the website when things have been finalised. ***********************************
Station Street, Lewes
Enquiries:- (01273) 478124 or 881316
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We have a very strong programme lined up for the New Year:-

Jan 4th * £5.00 * JOHN KIRKPATRICK
We start the new year in the strongest way possible with one of the folk scene's icons. Remarkable singing and masterly playing of accordion, concertina and melodeon Jan 11th * £5.00 * KATHLEEN O'SULLIVAN, KAREN RYAN & PETE QUINN The combination of Kathleen's fine singing, Karen's fiddle and Pete's piano make these three one of the top attractions in Irish music and song. From "The London Lasses" Jan 18th * £4.00 * EMILY & HAZEL ASKEW
Two exciting young performers playing fiddle and melodeon and singing. They have been finalists in the New Roots Competition Jan 25th * £4.00 * ROBB JOHNSON An outstanding radical songwriter and a mesmeric performer, Robb has been instrumental in developing the "English Chanson" movement. Feb 1st * £5.00 * AN EVENING IN PRAISE OF SHIRLEY'S AWARD We gather together many friends and admirers of Shirley Collins to celebrate the award of the M.B.E. in the New Year's Honours List. Full details on the club website as they emerge. Feb 8th * £4.00 * TOO MANY STRINGS
The youngest band that we have ever booked and one of the most vibrant. Tom Redman, Dogan Mehmet & Matt Quinn offer a new generation's take on traditional song. Feb 15th * £4.00 * BING LYLE
An utterly convincing singer of traditional song, an exceptional songwriter and a remarkable musician on accordion and guitar. Feb 22nd * £5.00 LEON ROSSELSON
An evening with Leon is always an absorbing and challenging experience. Tonight he
presents "My Life as a Songwriter or How I Failed to Become Rich & Famous." Mar 1st * £5.00 * THE OMEGA THREE
Who remembers the wonderful "Roaring Jelly" Clive Harvey & Derek Pearce from that band are back in the company of Da'aboth Te'He'Ling Mar 8th * £5.00 * GORDON TYRRALL Gordon's totally engaging performances are one of the most satisfying experiences on the folk scene; great singing and outstanding playing of guitar and flute. Mar 15th * £4.00 * TOM SPIERS
Tom has an unparalleled knowledge of the Scots song tradition and sings his lovely songs in his beautifully distinctive manner, unaccompanied or to fiddle. Mar 22nd * £5.00 * HANK WANGFORD & REG MEUROSS The twisted Godfather of British Country music brings his very experienced fellow band member for what should be a memorable night. Mar 29th * Free Admission * OPEN NIGHT

Future Guests include: -
Martin Carthy * Apl 12th
Bruce Molsky *Apl 19th
Michael Marra * Apl 26th
Roy Bailey * May 10th
Rory McLeod * May 17th
Tim Laycock * May 24th
Dick Gaughan * June 14th
Chris Foster * June 21st
Annie Dearman, Vic Gammon & Steve Harrison * Sep 6th Jerry O'Reilly & Jim McFarland * Nov 1st
Our website is at
Those of you with listings/ gig guides etc. are asked kindly to include these dates amongst them. ***********
For all the listings of folk music, song club, dances, festivals in and around Sussex, have a look at This site all always kept updated with the latest events and those currently listed cover all the dates up until the end of January 2007. **********
Most of the listings on the Sussex Folk Guide website are taken from the paper magazine, THE FOLK DIARY Issue no 222 covers the months of December and January and this is now available. It is packed with adverts for various folk festivals, folk music record companies, specialist shops, instrument makers and other services as well as details of all the folk song and dance events in our area. To obtain copies of this free magazine as it is published, please send SAE's to Vic Smith at the address below. (Make sue that the SAE stamp meets the new postal charges!) It is also the address to send album review copies to. Potential advertisers are also asked to contact Vic for a statement of our advertising rates. **********
THE FOLK DIARY is now available on-line. For some years now, all the listings which THE FOLK DIARY gives has been given in date order on THE SUSSEX FOLK GUIDE WEBSITE but now, the entire magazine is available on-line; go to the website for the FOLK AT THE ROYAL OAK, LEWES and then click on the "Folk Diary" symbol. You will need Adobe ACROBAT READER to read the pages and, frankly, unless you are on broadband, the page will take too long to download. The size of each page is given by each page link and the content of each page is indicated. Issue no 222 (December 2006/January 2007) is the issue that are currently on-line. The web counter shows that it is a service that is being widely used. **********
6] INSTRUMENTAL & VOCAL WORKSHOPS IN LEWES LEWES ARMS FOLK CLUB WORKSHOPS 2007 Workshops last a full Saturday and the tutor performs at the club in the evening. Booking forms are available from the Lewes Arms club and can be printed from their website about three months before the event. Forthcoming workshops in 2007 -
17th Feb - Cockersdale - Vocal harmony (now booking) 10th March - Judy Cook - Ballad forum (now booking) 17th March - Ed Rennie - English dance music for any melody instrument (now booking)
24th March - Tom McConville - Fiddle (now booking) 24th March - Aaron Jones - Bouzouki/Guitar (now booking) 24th March - Claire Mann - Flute & whistle (now booking) 2nd June - Jon Boden - Vocal harmony 2nd June - John Spiers - Melodeon 9th June - Tommy Peoples - Fiddle 30th June - Matt Seattle - Arrangement & harmony for any instrument Sun 1st July - Matt Seattle - Bagpipes 21st July - Bonnie Shaljean - O'Carolan's music for any instrument 10th Nov - Craig Morgan Robson - Vocal harmony Sun 11th Nov - Craig Morgan Robson - Ballad forum 24th Nov - Robert Harbron - English concertina 24th Nov - Emma Reid - Fiddle The website for more details is or contact Valmai Goodyear on (01273) 476757 or email ValmaiGoodyear_at_aol_dot_com ************
7] REGULAR SESSIONS IN THE LEWES/BRIGHTON AREA - NEW WEBSITE Bryan Creer has taken on the task of detailing these and they are listed at Have a look and if there are any you think that Bryan has missed - contact him on Bryancreer_at_aol_dot_com ************
This popular annual event will take place at THE ROYAL OAK, HIGH ST, BARCOMBE, EAST SUSSEX BN8 5BA 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m. Free admission - pub food on sale all day.
The day begins with an hour of informal tunes while people arrive. After that the singing starts, finishing with a good hour of glorious choruses. Ballads and the occasional instrumental party piece will be very welcome too. This is followed the next day by:- JAN 21 (SUN) TUNES SESSION, LEWES ARMS (free) A chance for people visiting for Saturday's Sussex Singaround to play in the club-room from noon until 3.00 p.m. For more details contact Valmai Goodyear on (01273) 476757 or email ValmaiGoodyear_at_aol_dot_com
Have a look at it at where we have added a video clip of Jali Sherrifo Konteh playing at the Whitby Musicport Festival in October 2005. This website includes the work that we are doing to help to set up a new music school in Brikama, teaching kora, balafon, djembe and jali singing to European tourists to The Gambia. We arrived back from our last visit to The Gambia with over 200 of the lovely batiks made by Buba Drammeh to sell through this site and we photograph each one to show on the site:-
The Compound Sounds website can now accept payment for batiks and for the two albums by the kora maestro Jali Sherrifo Konteh by Paypal and most major credit cards. Sound clips from Sherrifo's album "Chesano" have been added to this website. +++++++++++++++++++++
...And if you are ever looking for a good barn dance band, look no further than THE SUSSEX PISTOLS - though you should get in quickly - available dates for 2007 are being snapped up quickly. Contact Tina on 01273 478124 or email her at tina_at_twistle_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk to book the band. The band's website is at

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