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Thanks for this one, Kerry - what a star you are!

As this is such an IMPORTANT bulletin to the Kent contingent - I have broken my rule and included the Minutes
as a Word.doc below.

get cracking guys!

luv 1d x

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Subject: FW: Folkestone Cultural Diversity Festival 14th/17th June 2007

Hi Penny,

Folkestone are having a Cultural Diversity Festival June 14th – 17th 2007. Angie and Steve from the Les Batons French & Breton Music and Dance gathering went along…. I think it will be of interest to the folk community in the area and I’m sure lots of members will have some good ideas if they want to get involved.

Below is Angie’s email to me about what happened at the first planning meeting…

She also has the official minutes (attached) 

Love, Kerry

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Subject: Folkestone Cultural Diversity Festival 14th/17th June 2007

Both Steve and I went to the 1st planning meeting yesterday.

What an interesting assortment of people!

Seem to have got the £10,000 without much of a plan to spend the money on!

Folkestone town centre management came with a few ideas, but not very good ones! Having a strong educational element seem to be John Barber's big push (he's the manager of FTCM)

There was talk of getting the Creative Foundation involved in an arts project that ran for the whole festival - artists with studios in the High St were there - they seemed more clued in than the organisers. Plus a guy Neil Anthony from Crabble Mill restoration project - I can't begin to understand where he was coming from, he's been brainstorming with the other 2 - aargh!

So, the money is there and as yet they can't have allocated much of it as they have no firm plans. It needs rescuing before it begins! They seemed to be interested in music and dancing. I mentioned Cajun/Zydeco the Greek band Amanes that Phil plays with, Martin/Andy Renshaw's trio, and they were keen for me to contact whoever I knew.

Between you, can you have a think and spread the word round.

The next planning meeting is Thurs Feb 15th at The Leas Club in Folkestone

Contact person is Barbara Witham, Events Organiser, Folk town centre management 01303 850522