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Newsletter         26th January 2007


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The signed guitar that we are auctioning on eBay for cancer charities (see below) has less than 2 days left to run, closing at 4pm on Sunday 28th January.

If you’re interested in making a bid, go to and search under Collectables for item 270080550795

or follow this link to go direct to the auction.

The winning bid amount will be publicised on the Acoustic Sussex website and announced at the Beth Nielsen Chapman concert in Canterbury that evening.


                                              MAKE A DIRECT DONATION

If anyone would like to support our fund-raising directly to any of the 3 cancer charities involved, you can do so easily and securely (with Gift Aid added) by clicking on any of the following:

·         Donate to London’s Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign

·         Donate to St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley, Sussex

·         Donate to St Raphael’s Hospice in Cheam, Surrey


Click on these links (or visit the website) for more information on upcoming shows.

Ø       Saturday 27th January - Beth Nielsen Chapman* (+ support) at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead

Ø       Friday 9th February - Keith James – Songs of Nick Drake  at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead

Ø       Monday 26th February – Anais Mitchell (+ support) at The Ravenswood, Sharpthorne

Ø       Monday 12th March – Thea Gilmore (+ support) at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead

Ø       Monday 30 March – Richard Durrant (+ support) at The Ravenswood, Sharpthorne

*Although the Beth Nielsen Chapman concert on Saturday 27th January is sold out (returns only), the event is a fund-raiser for 3 cancer charities, and will coincide with an auction of an electro-acoustic guitar (sponsored by Hobgoblin Music in Crawley) signed by a number of well-known musicians – see below for more information.


For more information  including sound samples, click on the artists' website links below or visit our Myspace website


27 January
at Chequer Mead
East Grinstead
£15 (£12.50 conc)    8pm
Box Office 01342 302000




at  Chequer Mead, East Grinstead

Tickets for Beth Nielsen Chapman's concert on 27th January are now sold out (returns only). 

The concert is the focus for several cancer charity fund-raising activities, to increase cancer awareness and raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice in Sussex, St Raphael’s Hospice in Surrey and London’s Royal Marsden Hospital.

The event will coincide with an auction (on eBay) of an electro-acoustic guitar, kindly sponsored by Hobgoblin Music in Crawley, which has been signed by a number of well-known musicians, so far including: John Tams, Amy Wadge, Shirley Collins, Ralph McTell, Tommy Emmanuel, Jacqui McShee, Nick Harper, Gretchen Peters, Clive Gregson, Christine Collister, Dougie MacLean, Bob Fox, Billy Mitchell, Dave Kelly, Al Stewart, Laurence Juber, Martha Tilston, Kris Delmhorst, Pierre Bensusan, Martyn Joseph, Simon Nicol, Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie, Gerry Conway, Karine Polwart, Edwina Hayes, Steve Knightley, Phil Beer, Richie Havens and Dave Cousins.

The guitar was listed on eBay on Thursday 18th January for 10 days (ie. final bids at 4pm on Sunday 28th January). Click here to go straight to the auction.

The winning bid amount will be publicised at Beth's show at Canterbury the same evening (and on this website). If you have any problems bidding (or if you are unable to use eBay and want to join the auction), please email us. Happy bidding!


Beth Nielsen Chapman

Richie Havens

9 February
The Songs of Nick Drake
at Chequer Mead
East Grinstead
£10 (£9 conc)     8pm
Box Office 01342 302000



Although Keith James is still, in some respects, a well kept secret, he has recently seen a gradual emergence as one of the country's most valuable singer/songwriters, and concert performers. During January, February and March 2007, Keith performs his eighth UK tour entitled The Songs of Nick Drake, in which almost the entire concert is dedicated to the work of the most loved of all English singer/songwriters. Previous tours across the country, totalling over 250 concerts, have seen audiences filling arts centres and theatres to hear this music again after an absence from the live music scene of well over 30 years.

Nick Drake himself, was, during his prolific period, somewhat of a mystery. He only lived to record 3 albums, "Five Leaves Left", "Bryter Later" and "Pink Moon", all of which were regarded at the time as being flimsy and without the substance that was called for to engage popular audiences. It has only been in the last 10 years that many thousands of listeners have come to appreciate their beauty. Nick Drake has now, thankfully, become the most revered of all figures to take their place in the world of contemporary acoustic music. It is with this in mind that these concerts are presented.

A fresh and powerful approach to these wonderful songs
Patrick Humphries – Nick Drake biographer


Nick Drake

Keith James

26 February
The Ravenswood
Sharpthorne£10adv (£12 door)    8pm

Buy tickets online or:
Tel. 01342 302000
or email




Anais Mitchell began writing songs at 17.  At 18 she moved from Vermont to Boston, and started playing for whoever would listen. After a year of that, Anais enrolled in a liberal arts school back in Vermont, where she studied political science and languages, ran a folk radio show, and wrote and performed a good deal. She spent a half-year in Austin, waitressing on 6th street and playing as much as she could. She also recorded her debut album during that spring ('The Song They Sang When Rome Fell').  In 2003, The Kerrville Folk Festival honoured her work with the prestigious New Folk Award .

After spending time in Cuba, a semester in the Middle East and some unexpected touring with a rock project called "Circus Guy's Rock & Roll Revue" Anaïs released her acclaimed album, 'Hymns for the Exiled'.

Anaïs is passionate about the music of her native land, from old-school country to dustbowl labour ballads to rebel rock. However, the time she's spent in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East has lent a worldly depth to her writing, which she presents to her audience with a graceful presence of spirit.

With a new CD, The Brightness, released on February 13th, a nomination for Emerging Artist of the Year in the 2007 US Folk Alliance awards (to be announced on February 21st) and with a live appearance on Bob Harris’s Radio 2 show scheduled for March 3rd, this should be the year that this intriguing singer songwriter gets the attention she so richly deserves.

Support for this show is Toronto-based David Celia, described as "roots-rock with hints of folk wrapped up in a pop package” -  and getting excellent reviews whenever he plays in the UK.


Anais Mitchell

The Brightness CD


12 March
at Chequer Mead
East Grinstead
£14 (£12 conc)     8pm
Box Office 01342 302000



Described recently by Mojo magazine as "the most coherent, literate and charged singer-songwriter of her generation", new mum Thea Gilmore has blazed a unique and highly independent trail  since releasing her debut album in 1998 aged 18. Prolific and diverse, her seven albums run the gamut from hushed, intimate acoustic settings to full throttle rock, always unified by her spine tingling vocals and inspirational lyrics.

In August 2005 released "Harpo's Ghost" to unanimous rave reviews. The album includes her collaborations with Mike Scott of the Waterboys and moved the Daily Telegraph to confirm her as "one of the boldest and most poetic lyricists working in British music...".

Thea Gilmore is a stunningly affecting live performer: her own woman and defiantly, unshakeably the real deal.

“One of the boldest and most poetic lyricists
 currently working in British music ." The Telegraph

Support for this show is Erin McKeown, asinger songwriter described as having "the wit of Randy Newman, the innovative stylings of Bjork, and the intricate arrangements of Elvis Costello". Erin has packed a ton of music into her young career. With 5 studio albums, 2 EPs, and numerous soundtracks and compilations to her credit, the 28-year-old multi-instrumentalist hasn't stopped for a breather in the last 10 years. Along the way she has averaged 200 shows a year and garnered the praise of fans and critics alike. Her new release. Sing You Sinners, has received rave reviews (4 stars in Sunday Times).


Thea Gilmore


Erin McKeown

30 March
The Ravenswood
Sharpthorne£10adv (£12 door)    8pm

Buy tickets online or:
Tel. 01342 302000
or email


Richard Durrant is a classically trained artist active in many walks of musical life. Respected equally in the world of classical, folk and rock music, he is in demand as recitalist, session player and composer.

Best known for his lively and entertaining guitar concerts Durrant has won devoted fans throughout Europe - his sheer virtuosity and uncategorisable repertoire earning him a unique place in the world of the guitar.

Alongside his concert work Durrant is a busy recording artist and broadcaster. He is also a successful composer of television and concert music.

Richard played lead guitar with Sky during their last national tour and still performs a two man show with the legendary Mr Herbie Flowers, playing a mixture of original material, classical and jazz.

Support: tbc


Richard Durrant


For your future diaries..

Future dates in the 2007 Acoustic Sussex programme include:

Ø    26 March 2007, Richard Durrant  (see website)

Ø    30 April 2007, Charlie Dore  (see website)

Ø    14 May 2007, Corinne West (see website)

Ø    4 June 2007, Vin Garbutt  (see website)

More information on all up-and-coming artists can be found on our website: You can also find us on MySpace (with samples from some of the artists appearing) at: If you know anyone who you think may enjoy our events, please forward this email to them.




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