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A bit of news you may be interested in.........Geoff Achison is now definitely moving to The States in April.  It's something he's been thinking about (& Nancy his USA manager has been nagging him about!!) for a couple of years & he has now taken the plunge & will move his family to Atlanta in two or three months time.  This doesn't affect his UK may indeed make it a little easier for him to come over more frequently as airfares from the USA are much cheaper than OZ fares....but he must secure his USA career first.
He's taken off over there actually, having performed regularly with many big names (he toured with & opened for HOT TUNA), he's also a regular instructor at Jorma Kaukonen's FUR PEACE RANCH, one of the more famous guitar camps.  It's a big move for Geoff, Mich & Jacob & I'm sure you all wish them well....he can tell us all about it when he comes across in June.
Watermelon Slim has sadly cancelled his September UK tour.  His USA career is another success story & he's been nominated for an unprecedented 6 BMA awards in probably know he had two nominations in the 2006 W.C. Handy Awards (the blues world's Grammys) & this has sent his profile & fees rocketing skywards.  His Stateside festival/theatre bookings have already soaked up all available September dates at fees two to three times more than he can get here.....& all power to his elbow too, he deserves it......I wish I could pay all our artists two or three times what I do give them, then we'd know live roots music was truly alive & well!
Toby Walker has recorded a new album which should be available during his May UK tour.  I've heard a couple of tracks & it sounds excellent.....he treated a packed New York theatre audience to the CD set list during an album pre-launch concert & the pics he sent me show him getting a rapturous standing ovation.
Delta Moon are still going strong mainly as a duo but also with other fine local musos & continue to pack 'em in around the Atlanta area.....Mark (founder member with Tom Grey) said he's missing Brit beer & could I organise another tour for them.  I wish I could, I've not ruled it out completely but I'm not in a position to commit to another tour just yet.
I feel a little twinge of pride that each of these musician's early careers passed through The Bottleneck Blues Club........I can't help them as much as I would wish now as the live music scene in the UK just doesn't seem as healthy as the scene across the pond (mind you we're shipping our secret weapon over there too......junk TV....who wants to go out to a gig when such classics as Big Brother, Jade's PA, I'm a Celebrity GMOOH & Does my Bum look Big in This are on the box!!?) but their talents are now being recognised at last by a much wider audience...............congratulations guys........make the cheques out to--------!!!
OK that's it....The Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges gig on the 27th Feb looks to be another sell-out....Thanks to you all for your support & hope to see you there.