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Sent: 17 February 2007 17:34
Subject: FiTB - website mystery

The Folk in the Barn website has vanished. It's moving hosts at the moment, I'm not quite sure what that means, I guess its floating around out there in the ether, a bit like Dr Who. I just hope it returns in one piece and in this time zone. I'm not too worried, but what does concern me is that the little monkey has taken my email address with it and thats just plain mischievous and very annoying. Who knows - Johnny Depp could have finally replied, agreeing to come and sing me some Shanties in the Barn, dressed as Cap'n Jack of course! And now I'll never know! It also means that if anyone has emailed to book tickets for any of the other fitb forthcoming gigs, I won't have received it. It went on Tuesday so if you've emailed since then, please re-send using the old folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk as that is still working ok.
FiB'ers last Monday had a record turnout, despite the cold. Our resident band 'Homage' aka Bob, Dave and Steve are going from strength to strength. You've been practising boys, thats cheating! It was good to finally meet Steve as up to now we'd thought he was Bob and Dave's imaginary friend. Roy treated us to a few tunes on his pipes, not the homemade baby ones, but the full Bag! Wow they are loud! But so stirring. Thanks to Simon for the Red Wine and Lucy and Lynette for the nibbles. Next one is Monday 12th March in the Barn. I've arranged to go in early to put the heating on, so hopefully it'll be warmer, but wear your thermals just in case, you know it makes sense!
Reminder for ColvinQuarmby and Waterhorse tickets for Sat 10 March, please phone the Playhouse direct - 01227 272042 between 10-12 noon.
List member Brian Hazelden has asked me to let you know about a great gig at The Sheppy Folk and Blues Club, Minster Working Men's Club, Union Rd, Minster ME12 2HW on Monday 26 Feb at 8.30pm They have the legendary Mike Silver playing there and you can go along for a very reasonable £5 a ticket. Tickets can be reserved from Graham White on 07990 828114.
In case you hadn't heard - Show of Hands have released 'Roots' as a single and it's available to download from any reputable download site ie itunes, hmv digital etc. Steve, Phil and team have been working really hard to promote and publicise this and it would be wonderful if it could achieve significant success for them, goodness knows they deserve it. More details on their website
Tip of the week, if you're feeling down, go and see 'Happy Feet' at the cinema, it'll warm not just the cockles but the winkles (and penguins) of your heart, I promise.
take care


Debs Earl
Folk in the Barn
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email (for the time being - www_dot_folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk)
ps Would anyone like a piano, free to good home.
Old, tunable, (but not to concert pitch), lovely tone, bit dusty!
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