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Sent: 02 February 2007 15:39
Subject: Folk in the Barn - Sad and Happy Stuff!!

Hi Everyone!
Are you well? Hope so. It's been a sad time lately, loads of people I know have been going through tough times it seems. I don't want to depress you, I know the mailouts are usually quite jolly and they will continue to be, its just nice to know and hear from people how much music has helped them to get through dark days. I hope 2007 will be positive and happy for everyone.
Beth Nielsen Chapman gave us a wonderful night on Sunday. She was very happy to be in Canterbury and like a lot of Americans, enthralled by the history and architecture, not least the huge edifice right next door to the venue. We practically had to drag her out of the Cathedral and on the stage, she'd taken the opportunity to nip across for a look inside whilst Ernest, her son was doing his bit! Beth and her Band were all the nicest people to meet, despite being a rising star she had no airs and graces and was happy to muck in and help clear up. It was a real pleasure to promote the gig and I hope very much that we can arrange for her to come back. Thanks to everyone who came along and to all the team who helped on the night. Oh and her music was pretty special too wasn't it. What a beautiful, clear voice, full of emotion.
A couple of items that may be of interest.....

1 Those that went to Beth's concert on the Saturday night at East Grinstead may be interested to know that the auction on Ebay for the signed guitar, organised by Martin Snodin of Acoustic Sussex made £560 and that the whole event raised almost £14000 for the three cancer charities. A great effort by Martin and his team.
2 Remember the other online auction for Anna Esslemont and the AAT? Well one of the winning bidders Mick O'Rourke has a spare ticket for this Saturday night at the Hailsham Pavilion to see Jim Moray, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan. The prize also includes the opportunity to arrive early at the venue to meet the performers and to experience the soundcheck. The face value of the ticket is £16.50 and Mick will donate that or whatever anyone would like to give for it, to the AAT. I know it's short notice but if you're at a loose end Saturday night, it will be a great night out. Email me if you are interested and I will forward your details to Mick. (ps I know this is short notice but its taken me two days to get my computer to let me send this email - hence the changes)
Welcome to all the newbies! I'm really happy that more and more people are discovering that there is some fantastic music out there that is not generally known about. Please check out the website for forthcoming gigs, I'm still waiting to hear back from some more exciting performers, as soon as I do I'll let you know first so you can have priority booking.
Next FiTB gig.......

In the meantime we have coming up in March the one and only 'ColvinQuarmby'. A four piece band from the Midlands that will definitely put a smile on your face and get you singing along to their infectious music. This is the first Folk in the Barn gig at the Whitstable Playhouse and I really hope we can pack it out to get a great atmosphere for Gerry and the boys. They've 'sold out' at the Kingston Barn for the past 3 years so we felt it time to move to a bigger better venue to do them justice.
They are being supported by excellent local Band 'Waterhorse'. I say local only because they live in and around Canterbury, don't think 'local' in terms of quality! I believe they have the talent and material to be a successful national touring Band. They are a very experienced bunch of musicians and write quality songs which they deliver with great expertise. I have a thing about voices, I like the sound of most instruments and styles of playing but there are some (popular and successful) voices that I really don't like to listen to. Then there are those that just hit the spot - for example a certain Devonian singer / songwriter that will be coming back in May! Waterhorse's Terence Reis has a voice that hits the spot, full of depth and texture, think Mark Knopfler or even Neil Diamond. His co-singer Sarah has a voice I would die for and more control than I've seen from a lot of professional singers. Together they make a very appealing sound.
Add to that the chance to see one of the friendliest Bands on the Folk/Roots circuit today, described by one of the UK's leading folk festival organisers as... "one of the most entertaining and professional acts in the UK. Offering a diversity in musical styles and featuring four excellent musicians, ColvinQuarmby have that extra magic which separates them from the merely excellent. they are outstanding" (Alan Surtees)
......we're in for a fab evening!!!

That's Saturday March 10th - tickets £12 or £10 from the Playhouse on 01227 272042 (box office - Mon - Sat 10am - 12noon) Car park right behind the Playhouse, doors open 7.15, performance starts at 7.45pm. Don't miss it!
** FiB'ers FiB'ers FiB'ers FiB'ers FiB'ers FiB'ers FiB'ers **
No I'm not insulting you - FiB'ers or (Folk In the Barn'ers) meet on the second Monday of the month to chat, sing, play, eat, drink and generally have a nice time! Next date is Monday 12th February in the Kingston Barn, (see website for directions - or ring me 07799 790738) Bring whatever instrument you like, we've even had some bagpipes! We all had a go of course but couldn't stop laughing long enough to blow! - thanks Roy! (Roy also makes and brings delicous hand made chocolates!) How good can it get? Everyone very welcome whatever standard. There's a small charge to cover hall hire and tea!
Lastly I wanted to briefly mention a lovely lady who had been coming to Folk in the Barn gigs since 2004, almost the start, and whose evident love and passion for the music shone through. I'd get emails saying 'put me down for two tickets for everything Debs' I didn't know her well, but I knew what the music meant to her and that speaks volumes. Christine Baker passed away just after Christmas, she'd been so keen to see Beth, I'm so sorry for her and her family that she didn't get to. They came in her place and I know that they gained comfort from doing so. Rest in peace Christine and my warmest wishes to her family.
Well that's a poignant start and finish this time. I'll be more cheery next time - ColvinQuarmby are coming so it'll be hard not to be! Take care and keep supporting Live Music......


Debs Earl

07799 790 738
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham
Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE

ps. why don't Oysters give to charity? ...
...because they're shellfish!

sorry! it tickled me ;o)

forthcoming gigs..........

Saturday March 10th - Whitstable Playhouse - ColvinQuarmby supported by Waterhorse - tickets £12 / £10 from 01227 272042 doors 7.15pm
Saturday April 21st - CCISC - John Tams & Barry Coope
(more about them in next mailout) £13 / £11 - 01227 831493 or Folk in the Barn [debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk]), doors 7.15pm
Thursday May 17th - CCISC - Steve Knightley & Jenna two remaining from the 3 Generations Tour 2004 £12 / £10 - 01227 831493 or Folk in the Barn [debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk]. Doors 7.15pm
email to reserve tickets and follow up with cheque to D Earl plus SAE to address above, thanks.
more to follow.....see for more details