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Interesting piece of news from Bernie Martin of Warehouse Light & Sound.

 Subject: Fw: PMSE radio sell off - e-petition

> Hi Folks, 

> In case you haven't heard, Ofcom in their infinite wisdom are planning to 
> sell off areas of the radio spectrum which may well include those used by 
> radio mics, inear monitors, broadcast and so on. All in all it has not  been 
> a well thought out process it appears. 

> The more cynical amongst us may see it as yet another example of selling off 
> the family silver for short term financial/political gain and cause the 
> events and entertainment industry some considerable problems and money.  The 
> irony of the name of the consultation document. 'The Digital Dividend' was 
> not lost on me anyway. 

MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be 

> To quote "So far it has fewer signatures than a petition asking for the 
> National Anthem to be replaced by Spandau Ballet's Gold (Gold!). Sign it  and 
> spread the word - it certainly had an impact on the road pricing proposals 
> in terms of press coverage". 

> Background information on this is available through a number of industry 
> sources but gives some of the salient 
> points and provides some standard letters to send to your local MP should 
> you feel like rattling the cage a little more. 

> Please forward this message on to anyone in your address book who may be 
> affected, vaguely interested or even just like petitions. 

> Apologies for those who are already involved in this and if you really 
> aren't interested there is always the delete button! 

> Thanks and have a nice day 

> cheers 

> Bernie

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