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Subject: Wotson - Ashford Rocks - Youth Music under threat By Ashford Borough Council
Ashford Rocks - Youth Music under threat By Ashford Borough Council
You may be aware that Ashford Borough Council have recently decided to enforce the law at Homelands and decree that no one under the age of 16 should come to gigs there unless accompanied by an adult.
This has caused uproar amongst local rock fans and several petitions have been started.
Negotiations with the council are ongoing and we are trying to find a way to get around this stupid law, we think we have found a way, but we need to keep the pressure on them.
So would you please all sign the online petition and get ALL your friends to do the same. The closing date is March 7th so you will have to do it pretty quickly.
If we are not allowed to let in the younger population 14 to 16 year olds Ashford Rocks is in danger of closing due to the financial costs of putting it on in the first place.
Itís your call, if you want somewhere to gig in Ashford sign it now please. click on the petition button and follow the instructions.
Thanks in advance.
Steve - Ashford Rocks !
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