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Subject: Primary Schools enjoy the benefits of the Youth Music Initiative

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Inverness Primary Schools enjoy the benefits of the Youth Music Initiative

Primary pupils across the Inverness and Nairn area have been involved recently in experiencing traditional music in their schools though the Highland Councils Youth Music Initiative (YMI).  The initiative, contracted by the Council to Fisean nan Gaidheal and co-ordinated in those areas by Dingwall-based Fis Rois, has even helped one primary school in Inverness prepare for their 50th anniversary this year.

Dalneigh Primary School is due to mark its fiftieth anniversary in November and thought it would be appropriate to have a tune commissioned to assist in their on-going plans.  With help from the Youth Music Initiative, professional local musicians Dagger Gordon and Calum MacCrimmon wrote a special composition, which the children have been learning in their group-work YMI sessions. Currently under the working title of The Dalneigh Bells, pupils and staff are hoping to perform at a celebratory concert in November.

And likewise, children in all 184 primary schools across the Highlands have been experiencing traditional music from some of the most experienced and acknowledged artists in their profession, many of whom are graduates from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.  Tuition has also been offered through the medium of Gaelic, using tutors fluent in the language.

Mrs Clunas, Head Teacher at Dalneigh Primary School is fully supportive of this initiative: I think YMI is great and the children are really enjoying it. The initiative has given them both a traditional and musical experience which they take great pleasure in.  This is down to the very enthusiastic tutors we have had.  They make the children feel very good about the music and playing an instrument that they might not get the chance to play in other circumstances.  YMI and our 50th anniversary project has given the children ownership of the music and they really think its great.

Working on behalf of Fisean nan Gidheal, Rae MacEachern is the organisations YMI Co-ordinator for Highland.  She added: The YMI project in Dalneigh is a fantastic example of what can be achieved through this initiative. It is due to the schools in the area being willing to take this on and making it work within their own tight curriculum that has made the delivery of YMI such a success.  Added to that, the quality of delivery through the outstanding tutors and local fisean has been remarkable, and long may it continue.

Bun-sgoiltean Inbhir Nis a faighinn tlachd s an Iomairt Ciil igridh

Tha clann bho gach bun-sgoil air feadh sgrean Inbhir Nis agus Inbhir Nrann air pirt a ghabhail bho chionn ghoirid ann an cel traidiseanta tron Iomairt Ciil igridh (ICO). Se Comhairle na Gidhealtachd a dhiarr air Fisean nan Gidheal am prgram traidiseanta seo a thoirt seachad, le sgioba Fis Rois a cur an iomairt air digh anns na sgrean seo.  Tha an ICO cuideachd air taic a thoirt do bhun-sgoil shnraichte ann an Inbhir Nis, airson na leth-cheudamh bliadhna aca a chomharrachadh.

Tha Bun-sgoil Dhalneigh ann an Inbhir Nis an dil cuirm-chiil shnraichte a chur air digh anns an t-Samhain am bliadhna, gus leth-cheud bliadhna a chomharrachadh san sgoil aca.  Bha iad den bheachd gum biodh e freagarrach pos ciil a sgrobhadh tron ICO, fonn a bhios a chlann ag ionnsachadh agus ga chluich aig a chonsairt.  Le seo, sgrobh an luchd-ciil proifeiseanta Dagger Grdan agus Calum MacCruimein The Dalneigh Bells, agus tha iad air a bhi ga theagasg tro chlasaichean ICO thairis air an teirm seo.

Tha ICO air a bhi a tachairt anns gach bun-sgoil 184 dhiubh - air feadh na Gidhealtachd. Tha a mhr-chuid den luchd-teagaisg nan cluicheadairean proifeiseanta, feadhainn dhiubh a th air a thighinn tron RSAMD ann an Glaschu.  Far a bheil e comasach, tha an oideachadh air a dhanamh tro mheadhan na Gidhlig, a cleachdadh luchd-ciil a tha fileanta sa chnan.

Tha a Bh-ph Clunas, Ceannard Bun-sgoil Dhalneigh, gu math taiceil dhan phriseict.  Thuirt i: Tha ICO a crdadh ris a chloinn gu mr. Tha an iomairt air cothrom a thoirt dhaibh elas fhaighinn air cel agus cultar traidiseanta.  Tha an luchd-ciil air leth ifeachdach ann a bhith a brosnachadh na cloinne pirt a ghabhail agus grim fhaighinn air a chel, agus se rud math a tha sin

Thuirt Rae Nic Eachearna, co-rdanaiche ICO Fhisean nan Gidheal: Tha am priseact ICO seo ann an Dalneigh na eisimpleir air cho soirbheachail sa tha an iomairt air feadh na Gidhealtachd. S ann air sgath an co-obrachadh eadar sgoiltean, an luchd-ciil agus sgioba ICO a tha seo ag obair, agus gur fada a mhaireas e.



The Youth Music Initiative (YMI) was established by the Scottish Executive in 2004, with the pledge to ensure that by 2006, every primary school pupil should have access to at least one years free music tuition by the time they reach Primary 6.

YMI is a Scotland-wide initiative administered by the Scottish Arts Council, with Fisean nan Gidheal contracted by the Highland Council to deliver the traditional programme of the YMI in its area.  Co-ordination of programming the initiative locally has been passed to local fisean in the Highland Council area, including Fis Rois, which runs the programme in Inverness, Nairn, Ross-shire and Sutherland.

Fisean nan Gaidheal is the national association of Gaelic arts tuition festivals, supporting 45 fisean across the country, offering tuition in Gaelic arts and alngauge to over 11,000 young people annually.

Fis means festival, with Fisean being the plural means festivals. Please remember to use the accents in these words.

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