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OK folks the next gig looms....with just a few seats left so please email me if you want a guaranteed  seat otherwise you can just turn up on spec & take pot-luck. 
This looks to be a great fun night...quite different from the last (excellent) gig with Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges but equally virtuosic.
Richard Studholme's The Blue Devils don't have a web-site yet but I assure you his band & sound are superb...he'll be doing numbers that are a little more "mainstream" than I usually present...there'll be obscure stuff too & traditional numbers from Jimmy Reed, Freddy King, T-Bone Walker & Sonny Boy but he's found some really great, less often played tracks, from the likes of Chuck Berry & Bo some "proper" R&B....not that rubbish they play on MTV & call R&B...featuring semi-naked women with horribly taught bodies covered in tramp-stamps...sensuously rubbing themselves against a hopelessly muscled guy dangling anchor chains from his neck (if he's lucky to have one!) sorry...I digress.
And so....onto the opening act....The Groanbox Boys from New York......wonderful early blues, mountain music, jigs & Americana in the Carter Family mould.  Stuart (for it is he), a kinder, less cynical & more uncurmudgeonly person you'd be hard put to meet ~ owner of Oranges, Ashford ~ has had these guys & assures me they blew the joint away.....check out  for a sample of their music.
As we have two acts to fit in I will be starting the evening at 8:45pm.....please try to be there in time....I'll keep tables & chairs until just before the start but unless you text me on 07702 554989 or email me to advise of a later arrival I will release your table/seat to someone else.
The Bottleneck Blues Club
The Roffen, Rochester....approaching our 12th year!
Tues 27th March ~ Doors 8pm, waitress service, non-smoking. pogo-ing & dine to World Class music every month!
There's a map on the website ~  john_at_bottleneckblues_dot_com