From: Chris James [chris_at_jamesvinylplus_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 01 February 2007 19:23
Subject: Gigs at The Three Mariners

Hi Beau,


Here is a list of the gigs currently booked at The Three Mariners:


Three Mariners, Oare, Faversham, ME13 0QA


9pm to 11pm


10th Feb 2007     Polkahuntas      Traditional and contemporary music from The British Isles and USA


3rd Mar 2007      Shillelagh          Irish Folk Duo


24th Mar 2007     Fran & Mike      Acoustic Folk and Blues


21st Apr 2007     Camine             Acoustic Driven Celtic Music



And now a few words for your news pages:


Live music at the Three Mariners, Oare, Faversham


Over the last six months or so we have had the occasional live gig. These have been mainly Folk Music and have been reasonably successful. This year we are attempting to put on live music every three or four weeks and intend to advertise the events more than we have in the past. The recent “Camine” gig was a huge success and we aim to continue along this path. The main room in the pub is best described as “intimate” and is fairly small with a low ceiling. There are another two rooms which for the Camine gig were also full. The audience is a mixed bag of locals and people from Faversham and the surrounding areas that are usually very attentive and listen and applaud in all the right places.



Best regards


Chris James


The Three Mariners

2 Church Road



ME13 0QA


Tel:       01795 533633

Email:   chris_at_jamesvinylplus_dot_co_dot_uk