From: David Hooper [dave_at_kathoderaymusic_dot_com]
Sent: 20 March 2007 16:13
Subject: How Musicians Get Record Deals

David Hooper from Kathode Ray Music here.

Since 1995 I've been working with bands and I can tell you now that the big thing which separates the ones who end up getting deals and making a ton of cash from those who don't isn't talent, but mindset.
Have you seen this DVD called the Secret? It's been EVERYWHERE lately. It's so popular that Oprah had two shows about it last month.
Anyway, part of what this thing talks about is visualization. Anybody who is successful at ANYTHING knows this. You have to see yourself doing something before it happens.
Check out this article. It's something you'll want to incorporate into your "practice" time. :)

You'll want to bookmark it, I promise you.

Have a great week!

David Hooper
Kathode Ray Music

PS - Did you know you can practice your guitar (or bass, or
anything) without having it there? has info.

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