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Subject: FW: Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers

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Here's Geoff Achison's 2007 tour schedule folks.  If you are a promoter & I've got something wrong please let me know as this hasn't yet been sent to PA listings....forget about the 2006 title to the file ~ I don't know how to change it & I use the previous year's file as a blueprint....Doh!
His June 26th gig at The Roffen is getting very heavily booked & I have NO tables left for this gig so if you want a seat you need to let me know ASAP.
The Souldiggers this year are, once again, the classic line-up of Sam "You Lookin' at Me" Kelly on percussion, Dave "Hunky" Clarke on bass & Paul "Cuddly" Jobson on keys....seriously, this is a formidable band...rarely equalled let alone bettered!
I have NO tables left for this coming Tuesday's gig on the 24th April feat. The Corrina Greyson Band  but I may be able to offer you a seat if I know soon.  Bob....The Martin....not heard whether you need accommodating....please let me know by Monday.
Little Toby Walker arrives in the UK on the 1st May & I am really looking forward to his May 29th gig at The Bottleneck with the superb Mike Dowling contributing to a USA double headline this space available as I write this.
Type any of these names into Google for some excellent soundbites, biogs & tour info.
That's it for now....hope to see you soon.