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Well folks.......less than 10 days to the next Roffen gig....featuring the wonderful Corrina Greyson Band.  I won't bang on about them but would urge you to visit  where you'll be able to check out her biog. & band members but more importantly listen to some great sound-bites.  If you don't rate her voice & her band as one of the best in the UK then we come from different planets!
I have plenty of room as I write this but bookings are coming in on a daily basis.
I always like to try & help club supporters & Nick Stewart has asked me to mention that he is happy to discuss anybody's web design requirements, particularly you struggling musicians out there.
Visit Nick's site  for an idea of what he offers.
I've chatted to Toby & Geoff Achison over the last few days & both are fired up for their UK tours.  Geoff's now actually moved into his new house in Atlanta & tells me he was overwhelmed by the kindness of his fans in The States who have made him more than welcome...they've donated a load of stuff to help his transition including new underwear & a DeepJoy Lintomatic....His Tobyness is very busy having just finished a stint at Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch...& can't wait to sample Roy's Malts next month!  Fur Peace is one of THE most prestigious guitar ranches in the USA (Geoff teaches there too ~ I think he's there right now) so that kinda endorses my faith in the old boys.  Spoke to Watermelon Slim too....he's trying hard to persuade me to organise another UK tour for him but I can't, it's just too much work.  I feel bad about it but until the UK venues wake up & recognise the talent of these guys (that is ~ pays them properly!) it's just not viable.  I work with a lovely bunch of guys & girls on the UK circuit but not enough Theatres & Arts Centres are prepared to risk booking these excellent artists...great those that do...thanks. Slim is booked for this year's Nottaden Festival, arguably the biggest festival in Scandinavia...only 8:57 return by Ryan Air....bring your own sandwiches & walk the last 200k to the festival!...See you there?
Both Sam Kelly & Paul Jobson (Geoff's UK Souldiggers) have been featured on Soul Britannia on the Beeb...again, recognition of their formidable saw them all first at The Bottleneck!
OK...that'll do...hope to see you at the next gig.
Oh forgot....Yes, alright, I WILL get Geoff's tour schedule posted in the next's all finished but I've been rather busy.
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