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Subject: FiTB - CQ Review / John Tams & Barry Coope _at_ ISC / Spare ticket for Kensington Village Hall

Hello All
Sorry about the long title - it's difficult to be catchy and yet informative at the same time, anyway it saves you reading the newsletter if you're in a hurry!
Hope you're all well and enjoying the daffodils... There's some great music about at the moment, June Tabor last Saturday at the Gulbenkian was mesmorising, I could have listened to her for hours. A little known fact - her first song (for those that were there...) was written by my optician Jim, a fact I discovered when going for my annual check up! funny who you end up talking to eh! Next time you go to your optician or dentist, ask them what they do in their spare time - I dare you! (and if it's interesting - please let me know!!)
A huge cheer for all those of you who came along to the Whitstable Playhouse and made it feel packed out, even if it wasn't quite!! Waterhorse did a great opening set and drew some nice comments, watch out for them locally. they're very nice people. But it was plain from the incredible reception they got that most people were there to see ColvinQuarmby. Some had travelled vast distances. It was a shame that more Whitstable people didn't give it a try, but maybe once the word spreads about the quality of the music, it'll happen. The venue was superb and everyone very supportive and helpful, so yes we will definitely be using it again and have two dates booked for Oyster Week, which I hope you will be able to support.
I have a lovely review from Katie Cox....who was a CQ virgin! Katie gets a free ticket for her efforts.
"ColvinQuarmby - not exactly a name that trips off the tongue but after seeing them at the Whitstable Playhouse last Saturday night, courtesy of friends who asked me to come along, one that is forever imprinted on my heart! I haven?t seen a lead singer with so much joy and enthusiasm for years- last time I saw a band it wasn?t cool to be excited but Gerry Colvin looks as though he wouldn?t ever have played that game. His sometimes poignant and always clever lyrics, coupled with the clear perfection of his voice and the wonderfully executed harmonies of the rest of the band contrasted bizarrely with his madcap stand up act between songs. Nick Quarmby was his straight man and played a mean bass guitar and as for the guitar solos of Dave Dutfield - tight and impressive ?a positive impresario. I left that night having learnt that I was ?just one bone in a dinosaur? and I fell asleep smiling and dreaming of ?lying on my back watching feathers fall from angels?-What a delightful thought. G
Thanks to Katie and to all the helpers on the night. ColvinQuarmby can next be seen in Kent on Sunday 6th May at Rochester Sweeps Festival. 3pm in the Corn Exchange, tickets 01643 843666
Next FiTB concert....

John Tams and Barry Coope - Saturday April 21st - Canterbury Cathedral International Study Centre This is going to be a very special gig. Again people are coming from quite a distance especially and that always tells me a lot. Tickets for this are selling well, but there are still plenty left..... Here's some more info to tempt you.... "John and Barry performed an exhausting timetable of concerts throughout the UK in 2006, culminating in their televised performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival in July. Their performance was relished by the audience and other artists alike and prompted veteran TV Director Janet Fraser Crook to leave the tv gallery where she was working to seek out John. She told him that their set had been one of the finest shows she had ever seen."
more quotes...

'so much passion and real talent' - Tony Engle, Topic Records 'a beautiful gig' - Andy Seward, Producer/Engineer 'A wonderful, exceptional evening' - Tim Tate, Documentary maker 'Stunning, simply Stunning' - Mel Howley, Living Tradition 'The finest song I've heard all night' - Opera Singer Lesley Garrett on hearing 'Steelos' performed at the Folk Awards 2006 'I went to see ******** ***** (world famous singer/writer) las night - brilliant. But this is better' - Rob Shaw, Promoter 'John Tams and Barry Coope confound expectations, rich diverse, contemporary and utterly compelling, it simply does not get any better than this' - Colin Hall, What's On in London
What are you waiting for........??? come along and be inspired, and soothed, and lifted, and transported and all those other wonderful things wonderful live music can do for you.... Its food for the Soul and we all need that in our hectic lives.

FiBers night is growing and growing, we're even attracting celebrities now! No not you Dave and Bob, (won't be long tho) !! Its great fun and once the red wine (we've moved on from Tea!) starts flowing everyone loosens up and is eager to perform. Next one is Monday 16th April, hope to see you there.

I have a spare ticket to see Show of Hands at the Royal Albert Hall on Easter Sunday. It's an excellent seat in Block F which is one of the Front blocks in the Arena, row 7, which is actually 3rd row from the front of that block. Contact me if you are interested, I may be able to offer a lift from Canterbury. It is sold out and is going to be a night to remember!!
Bye for now....and Happy Easter


Debs Earl
07799 790738

ps top secret info - Beth Nielsen Chapman fans - put 30th Nov in your diaries, but shhhhh - keep it to yourselves and don't tell anyone I told you!

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