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From Beau Webber:

Fiddlers Various 2007: Tommy Peoples' tour of SE England - Photo report

Well, Tommy Peoples has come to South East England, and gone again, and a very remarkabe experience it has been for both musicians and dedicated listeners like myself.
There was a capacity crowd of 120 at the concert the London Irish Centre, the Lewes workshop and folk evening were sold out a month in advance (20 students / 50 folk respectively), the Littlebourne barn workshop attracted 15 students, and there were over 150 at the concert.
I have just put up a photo-report of Tommy Peoples' tour on the web : Various-2007_Tommy-Peoples_tour/  

Fiddlers Various 2005 was intended to showcase as many different fiddle genres as possible with 7 fiddlers playing in about a dozen differenent genres.

2007 concentrated solely on Celtic music, with the workshops, session and concert by Saskia Tomkins and Steafan Hannigan in April acting as a run-up to Tommy Peoples' workshop and concert.

So, if I do a Fiddlers Various 2009, what genres would you like it to cover ?

    - answers please to Beau_at_KentFolk_dot_com


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