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Thanks Penny,
I have placed just the Licencing Act update link on KentFolk.
I have done a preliminary read through it - not a lot that we did not know or suspect, I think,
I have excerpted some of the particularly relevant sections to a file on KentFolk news : :
Jobs, Auditions, Funding + Licencing
......| Notes re Revised guidance to 2003 Licencing Act - July 2007.txt
......| SEFAN_2007-07-02_01.VAN - link to Revised guidance to 2003 Licencing Act - June 2007.txt
In particular, I am pleased to note that "spontaneous dancing" as Viv and I are likely to indulge in, does not convert an event to a licensable one.
Not quite sure about someone who turns up with their Appalachian clogs - probably falls under "Morris and similar".
Particularly worthy of note is the repeated "light touch" request to local authorities.

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GLEANINGS from Voluntary Arts England

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Revised guidance to the Licencing Act 2003

Revised guidance for local authorities on the licensing laws was published today by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). The revised and updated Guidance offers advice and clarification for councils on a wide range of issues to help them deliver the Licensing Act 2003 effectively.

Amendments include an expanded section on incidental music, to help local authorities determine whether music falls into this category and is therefore not licensable


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