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Cc: Paul Hurst; Michael McNulty
Subject: SEFAN:2007-07-30:01. Irish Fiddle Player required for wedding - lunch time. (Nov'07)
Dear Network Folk

Thanks to Lawrence Heath who got this enquiry in originally and passed it along.

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Sent: 22 July 2007 22:04
Subject: Irish Fiddle Player required for a wedding - lunch time

My daughter is getting married in November and we would like to arrange for
a Fiddle Player to provide background music and some foreground
entertainment during the lunch period.

Do you have any connections with musicians?   Can you suggest anyone?
Please reply by email to my above address or call my husband 'K' on 07973
168 331.

Look forward to hearing from you.


I sent an email to Pam asking for a bit more detail as to what was needed here, 
but as I hadn't heard back (she's been away) I  phoned 'K' Friday .

 Looking for Irish fiddle music only ,  or - better still - Fiddle plus bohdran. 


 'K' is Kalwant Ajimal  -   very active in arts/culture   
Chair of the board of Cultural South East   
(has been a trustee of TAPS).   

Founder of Asian Art Access
< >
not specialist in traditional arts - but inclusive.

Daughter is marrying an Australian with Irish roots - hence they thought it would be nice to have some Irish music 
as well as traditional Indian as entertainment at the wedding (at Clandon House, Guildford).

Pam is now back - so please email direct - but please remember to mention SEFAN .

luv 1d x

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