From: karenanddal_at_aol_dot_com
Sent: 28 March 2007 15:26
Hi have just had a quick look on the site, an achievement indeed my techno skills being as good as my spelling.
Simon Barlow has been hosting a Folk singaround here on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month for over a year now.
Would it be possible to include us in your listings please, the next sessions being Tues 3rd and 17th April 8.30pm
Sweeps festival line up for us are as follows
Tues 1st – Folk Singaround & Wolfs head and Vixen Dance out 8,00pm
Fri 4th – Gastove - Special
Sat 5th – John Barden -Singaround – 12 – 3pm & 8 – 11.30pm
Sun 6th – Gastove 12 -3pm Invited bands 4 -7pm  John Barden Singaround  8 – 11pm
Mon 7th -  John Barden Singaround 12- 2ish.
Mini beer fest and dance boards down in the garden for clog sides
The weekend of 16th – 17th June we are hosting a Beer and Folk around again with John and also Simon Barlow from 1.00pm  onwards both days until beerless or breathless.
If you could fit us in or need us to give you any further details in enable us to be included please contact Karen or Dal
The Good Intent
3 John street
Kent ME1 1YL
Thanks for your time.
Regards from