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Subject: Tues 31st ~ The Roffen
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Well folks.....only another week to go before the superb gig with Jeremiah Marques & The Blue Aces & Paul Malsom....And it looks to be a full one. Assuming everybody comes who said they will I've only got standing room left but don't let that put you off, I try hard to sit as many down as possible & there's always a few no-shows.....or you can dance!!!...(Oh yeh!).
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers are to be the studio guests on The Paul Jones Show ~ BBC Radio 2 ~ Monday 13th August.  The jolly old Beeb do sometimes change the schedules but that's the date they've given me.....there's an interesting interview with Paul & Geoff which was supposed to go on for 10mins....but 30mins later they were still chatting so I guess it'll be edited addition they recorded several band tracks & a solo number....don't know which ones will feature until the 13th.  Remember you can listen to the programme for up to 28 days on the net  & go to the BBC2 pages.
I'd like to thank all the people who have sent so many kind emails from all over the World.  I've tried to reply to them all personally & as I've said, Hampshire isn't exactly the dark side of the Moon....I'm sure I'll bump into some of you at the odd festival or gig....I'm the guy in the wheel-chair being pushed by the blonde nurse ~ well you've got to have goals, that's the trouble with the yoof of goals!
So....hope to see you next Tues....I've arranged free moorings if it doesn't stop raining.
Don't forget....unless you text me or give me a call to say you'll be late I only keep seats & tables until 8:30pm.
Doors 8:00pm....Paul Malsom on-stage 8:45pm sharp!
Bye for now.....
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