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Sent: 28 July 2007 10:28
Subject: FiTB - Oyster Fest and Guestbook

Just a very very quick one today as I've got tons to do ready for tonight. Thanks to those that came and enjoyed 'Smoke in the Barn' ! on Weds (can't take credit for that - thanks to Mark!) The 'Smoke' refers to the wonderful dry ice and lighting show that enhanced the performance, so much so that one slightly alarmed member of the audience fled from the room thinking it was on fire. Coupled with the smell of burning dust from a long unused light, I can see why she would have thought that. Bless her heart she came and apologised to the performers afterwards and we had a giggle about it. Better be safe than sorry though! It was a great show despite less than half the seats being full, and those that came all said they really enjoyed it. The performances were outstanding and a proper review will follow asap.
There are still plenty of tickets left for tonights concert as well if you're thinking of coming at the last minute, you should be able to get seats on the door. If Weds is anything to go by it's gonna be a great show tonight too.
I went along to another Festival gig on Thursday - Tom Palmer - in the Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable. Those of you that saw Show of Hands at the Royal Albert Hall may remember him guest duetting with Phil and also joining in on Cousin Jack. He did a great set on Thurs despite the noise from the bar and I'll be considering him for a Barn concert in the future - wonderful gravelly powerful voice and good songs (inc a few Knightley's!!)
Lastly - We have a guestbook!!!

So now it doesn't just have to be me telling you stuff, you can tell me stuff back! Politely and nicely i hope, though I'm sure you would do as you're all such great people - creep creep! There's a link from the website - home page and contacts page - please drop me a line and give your feedback, comments on gigs, both FiTB and others that you've seen, or just say hi! It would be fab to hear from you.
Got to go....

see ya later hopefully....


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