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Hi Everyone
An extra friendly Hi to all the new peeps that have recently signed their lives away!! I?m warning you now, this music is addictive! The side effects are quite serious, you?ll be accused of smiling too much, walking around humming to yourself, foot tapping and far worse, you may even find yourself spontaneously bursting into song, sometimes at quite inappropriate times. You?ll also find yourself urging everyone you know to go along too if they know what?s good for them, mind you those that do will thank you hugely for it and realise how lucky they are to have such a wise and discerning friend. The other advantage of supporting this ?type? of live music over more ?popular? types is that it?s affordable, you can get a seat close enough to see the performer and to ?feel? the vibe coming from the stage and even chat to the artists themselves in the interval. Something you can?t do at an Robbie Williams gig but then who?d want to!!!!!!!!
Sorry Celia, (I promised to put dates at the top and waffle at the bottom for those busy types who just want the hard facts) I?ll put them in the middle for now and try harder next time?
*****Next Folk in the Barn (YES ACTUALLY IN THE BARN) Gig*****
Support ? Adrian Nation tickets £12 / £10 concs

October ? was to be Spiers and Boden, -now postponed to next year as I won?t have time to do the promoting justice.
FRIDAY 30TH NOVEMBER ? BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN ? GULBENKIAN THEATRE. Support ? Julie Fowlis tickets £20 / £18 concs
Now for some very very exciting news???.

Cara is my absolute favourite female folky singer, and against the likes of Chris While and Beth Nielsen Chapman (and Anna Esslemont) that is saying something. There?s just something about the pureness and perfection of her voice and her soft Irish lilt that gets me every time. Of course she?ll be accompanied by that other talented Lakeman brother ? her husband Sam, James O?Grady on whistles and pipes and John Smith on guitar and bvs. If you?ve not heard of Cara, check out her website?. it saves me writing loads here.
Tickets for Chris While and Cara Dillon can be bought from me, email me your requirements and confirm the booking by sending a cheque and SAE to the address below. There is no booking fee. Tickets for Beth must be purchased directly from the Gulbenkian Theatre box office on 01227 769075 or online at
***Other News***

Tonight at Dartford Folk club ? Phil Beer and Reg Meuross August 10th ? 17th Broadstairs Folk Week ?. Bellowhead?Shooglenifty?Julie Fowlis?.Vin Garbutt?.etc?etc a great week, don?t miss it.
The Dover Jazz Festival is looking for musicians and performers to play on 15 September in Dover. They can't offer any money but there will be loads of exposure, media and a chance to record your live performance on CD. If you are interested please contact Folk in the Barn list member David Somers on 01304 814386.
We now have a guestbook and it would be great to know your thoughts on the gigs. You can access it via the website It asks for your email address but don?t worry it doesn?t appear on the page, I?m the only one who can access that. I think it will really help to persuade people to come along and see what all the fuss is about, especially if they hear how good it is from others and not just fom me!!
Have a great summer ? now its finally here!!!!


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