From: Folk in the Barn [debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 24 July 2007 21:32
Subject: Oyster Festival

Trust me to mention 'weather' and 'Gloucester' in the last email! Luckily the Gloucester branch of FiTB are ok, lets hope the situation improves there and everywhere else affected.
This is just a last minute reminder to let you know there are still tickets available for both FiTB Oyster Festival gigs. Some people have mentioned it's been difficult to book because of the limited box office opening hours. You can book online at go to 'booking', you have to register and then log in but you can then choose your seat, and know it's saved for you. There probably will be plenty of tickets available to buy on the night but the Playhouse staff tell me that shows are tending to sell out on the night so if you are still hoping to come, it may be wise to either ring in the morning, check out the online booking or get there early (7.15pm). Because of the time constraints in the venue we do have to start on time at 7.45pm so just be aware, it's not 8pm like most FiTB gigs but a quarter to.
Tomorrow (Weds 25th) NOMADS (Prosser, Power and Randall) and Barber & Taylor. 7.15pm for 7.45pm
Saturday 28th Uiscedwr and Queensberry Rules 7.15pm for 8pm

There is a public car park right behind the Theatre, directions to the venue on the Playhouse website.
Can't wait - see you there!!

07799 790738

PS has anyone seen or heard 'the singing waitress' Victoria Hart, who has featured quite a bit in the media recently? She's a pretty young blonde jazz singer who came to the public's attention when chosen to sing on George Clooney's yacht at Cannes. Well if you buy her cd, some of you may recognise the backing vocals, the drumming and the slick guitar work, performed by none other than our very own Martin Fitzgibbon and Dave 'E Dog' Dutfield from ColvinQuarmby!

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