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Subject: "Dublin City Ramblers" // "Winters Brothers Band" THE HERITAGE CONCERT TOUR
Hi Folks,
Ireland's No. 1 Ballad and Folk Group (8 Gold Albums), "The Dublin City Ramblers" and the legendary Southern Rockers, "The Winters Brothers Band" have decided to join forces to present an amazing and unique duel cultural concert presentation. "THE HERITAGE CONCERT." Since American Country Music and Southern Rock and Roll evolved from Irish Music the two bands decided to tell this historic tale in a 2 1/2 to 3 hour concert. The format is as follows: Set one: "Dublin City Ramblers" perform 45 minutes of Irish Music and stories.

               Set two: "The Winters Brothers Band" perform 45 minutes of Southern Rock and Roll and tell stories about their music and the influence Irish Music had on them.
               Set three: Both bands on stage alternating songs and stories (45 to 60 minutes). Both bands play a couple of each others songs in their own style.   

Anyone interested in booking this unique cultural experience please contact me. Regards,

John Ryan, Manager
"Dublin City Ramblers"
407 252 6403 (U.S. Cell)

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