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Well what a truly wonderful way to sign off!!.........Our last gig saw us go out in style with some superb music from Jeremiah Marques & The Blue Aces ably supported by Paul Malsom.  Neither act played straight blues all night long....but who cares?  It was just a great fun night when the artist's enthusiasm infected everyone who was there.
I don't want to sound like a stuck record but I really do appreciate the support you've given over the years, thanks a million for that & thanks also for the many cards, gifts (that's solved my Christmas present dilemma!) kidding....& your kind wishes (I don't think I can reach there Alan).
I'd like to think we can keep in touch, my new email address isn't active yet but will be in a couple of weeks  john_at_jetlinexec_dot_co_dot_uk & my new website should be up & running about the same time  I'll keep The Bottleneck site going for the foreseeable future & this address will also be active.
If I hear of any good music I'll let you know.  Other good contacts locally are :---   Excellent gig guide site.  You can even buy a Duduk off this site!!  My old mate Tony runs the Crawley Blues Club which you can get to in less than 45mins from Kent.  Run by Ashwyn Smyth (for it is he) for gigs in Essex.  Richard manages Matt Schofield & Ian Siegal and you can get their gig dates here.
I was hoping to somehow keep The Bottleneck going under a team of members but they felt they couldn't devote the time needed.  It's a shame but perhaps for the best.  However if anybody fancies themselves as a promoter get in touch & we can talk.  Brian Henslow the owner of The Roffen has promised his continued support & I'm sure Ciaran at MuMu would welcome the club back but that would be for smaller gigs than we used to do.
I am asking a small sum for the club but that includes the full PA, the website, the mailing list, the logo & title & the stage backdrop etc.  I'm not trying to make a profit, in fact it won't go anywhere near the cost but it does have a value.
There you have it.....I'm now working on my new company launch which takes place in October at Farnborough International Airport and our first Merc bus arrives in two weeks....ooooer! I'm busy.
You all stay well, keep out of trouble & keep on enjoying live music....I might catch you at a Geoff/Toby/Slim gig next year if I can find the time....but I stress might!
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