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Subject: FW: 25th Sept ~ The Ian Siegal Band

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Subject: 25th Sept ~ The Ian Siegal Band
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Well folks......this really will be the last time you'll hear from me, at least from this address.  I will be handing The Bottleneck Blues Club website over to Richard Dobney shortly after the gig on the 25th September & thereafter he will communicate with you direct.  I will, of course, be at the gig this month to hand everything over to Richard & introduce him to you all & I hope to get to the occasional gig in the future tough.....although I'm sure Alan (for it is he) will enjoy still having me around to take the p*** out of periodically this will be his last opportunity for some while......boy..what I have to put up with!!
I know Richard is determined to maintain the very high standard The Bottleneck is famous for.....we've already booked a superb band for 30th Oct (more about that on the 25th) & we're discussing November's gig too so it's all still happening.
I do hope you continue to support Richard as you've supported me over the past 11yrs or so.  It's not easy promoting Roots Music & few areas in the UK are blessed with a club like The Bottleneck so do please continue to come out & enjoy yourselves.....Hey.....the 25th Sept is the start of the 12th year of the club.....that's something for everybody to be proud of....& some of you were at the very first gig!
There are still spaces left for this month's gig....please book ASAP if you haven't already....Ian Siegal is truly one of our finest performers & this night is part of his UK CD launch for his wonderful new album that MOJO has already flagged as their CD of the month....& I can tell you he deserves's superb!
You can get masses of info about Ian, his band & his CDs by visiting which also contains sound-clips of most of his recordings.
So I guess I'll sign off.....hope to see as many of you as possible on Tues week....keep well....keep happy & keep live music alive!
07702 554989
01634 314602
PS...This has been sent with open copy addresses as I need to let Richard have your email addresses for future bulletins.  This will be the only time non-blind copy will be sent & I'm sure everybody will respect individual's privacy.