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Subject: FW: Front Page news for Roberto Cassani
Scotland is embracing its latest (unlikely) son, Italian Roberto Cassani even in the light of our departure to the hands of the Italians in the European Cup, Roberto is loved.
Robert says "I'm still safe in Scotland. Saturdays gig went well despite it being just after the game. Folks loved it and sang along all night. It helped that there was a Spanish bloke in the audience and I urged the audience to pick on him instead of me because of the Spanish ref."
I have copies of Roberto Cassani's Chicka Boom album for consideration,  recorded in front of his adoring audience in his adopted home of Perth, please find his Christmas Hit Song below, for pod/broadcast download and for your pleasure , let me know if you would like a copy of the CD.
Roberto is available for gigs, warm ups, Christmas parties, compeering duties, wedding parties (anything) , please contact Rob Ellen 44(0)1349864432 rob_at_medicinemusic_dot_co_dot_uk
Labelled by the press as "The troubadour of comedy mayhem", Roberto Cassani sings contemporary, relevant, funny stories in a bizarre Scottish Italian accent. He is the one-and-only randy working class hero. Frank, innocent, fearless, never politically correct.His songs are for everyone. Simple yet clever; funny yet heartfelt; topical yet catchy. Roberto popped out in Scotland after having worked with the cream of Italian music. But to be a wandering troubadour, you gotta pick up your guitar and go...And he did just that. Now based in Scotland, he has burst onto the acoustic scene with a new album and a series of wildly acclaimed gigs.

Cassani is a true original and an unbelievable performer.

"A refreshing new talent" (The Edinburgh Fringe Festival);
"True to life, funny and says something different about Britain today." (Woven Wheat Whispers);
"Made me wet ma pants!" (M.A.M.A.S.);
"Chorus-drive, clap-along fun with personality" (The Herald)
"Absolutely fantastic" (;
"Cassani Rocks!" (Medicine Music).
Rob Ellen
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Please send this this to any-one you know who's ever been to an Office Christmas Party. May I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas, "Watch out for the Lovely Sparkling Wine" <;-)>

Roberto Cassani 

Roberto Cassani The Office Christmas Party (Live)

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album Chicka Boom Live  
genre Comedy
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