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Subject: Happy Halloween...

Trick or treat?

Hope you enjoyed Canterbury Festival, I didn?t get to see much sadly but couldn?t miss our old mate Seth could I. After all he wouldn?t be where he is today without Folk in the Barn, or so my Mum says anyway! I saw most of you there and there?s no denying it was a great gig, but there was something special about being up close in the Barn and being able to see the expressions on the musicians faces as they go through the emotion of performing their music. Half way back (or further!!!) in the Marlowe isn?t quite the same is it ? or is it just me?? I noticed he didn?t bring his Oxfam shop bargain, atmospheric red ?birthing? lamp like last time (those that were there will remember!) How things have changed..... That was the last gig of a very long tough year for Seth / Sean and co and they were really looking forward to heading home for a break. Seth for a holiday and Sean to spend time with Kathryn and his new beautiful twin baby daughters Poppy and Lily, now nearly four month
Staying with the ever expanding Lakeman family (coincidentally"!!) ... eldest brother Sam of course is married to the lovely Cara Dillon and will be showing just how talented all three brothers are by performing with Cara when she comes to Canterbury in December. Tickets are going fairly fast now with only just under 6 weeks to go, so here?s a reminder to reserve yours now if you would like another magical musical evening in the ISC in Canterbury. If you haven?t seen or heard Cara peform, think of the most perfect, enchanting female voice, clear as crystal yet soft as silk, singing beautiful haunting ballads, and self penned and traditional folk songs. Her band including Sam on keyboards are superb, with guitars and spine tingling uillean pipes to accompany. When I bought her first cd about 5 years ago, I played it till it wore out and from it her version of ?Black is the Colour? is one of my all time favourite songs to sing / play. The arrangements, are all intricate and rhythmic and just beautiful to listen to..... I am such a fan and can?t wait for this gig. You can see a clip on my myspace

To summarise....

Cara Dillon ? Sunday 9th December CCISC ? doors 7.15pm Tickets £17 or £15 concs email me to reserve.
This will be the last Folk in the Barn gig for a while, due to circumstances!! ? (another good reason not to miss it) Hopefully things will be up and running again later next year. I?ll keep you informed. Please keep in touch via the website guest book and if you've been to any good gigs and want to share the news, please feel free to leave a message.
Will continue and is at Simons house again. Next one is next Monday November 5th which could be interesting!! If you need info email me.
ColvinQuarmby fans... can see them at the Brook Theatre in Chatham on Thursday 29th November or failing that.. Footlights in West Sussex on the 8th December, all details on their myspace or website
Keep well and warm


Debs Earl

07799 790 738

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