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Sent: 23 January 2008 12:23
Subject: [SCoFFnews] Festivals

The SCoFF Festivals and Workshops list for 2008 is now up and running, with entries for approx the first half-year in place (many of the remainder may be found by referring back to the 2007 list). This link will find it:-

Points to note immediately:
1) Accordions at Witney 16-17 Feb has been cancelled, however the Village Music Weekend 1-2 March is in place.

2) TAPS Romsey Sing Out has been postponed from March to early summer - date tba.

3) There is a Coope, Boyes and Simpson Workshop with similar format (daytime workshops, evening Concert) near Guildford on Saturday 23rd February at Cranleigh Arts Centre

4) Gosport & Fareham Easter Festival now booking.

Trevor Gilson 02380 456337
SCoFF webmaster
Southern Counties Folk Federation

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