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efolkMusic News December,2007
Your nonprofit source for Bluegrass,Gospel, Celtic, roots, country, modern and traditional folk music 

Wanted: Rich, famous singer/songwriter or guitar picker needing to make a charitible donation before year's end- please forward this email...  
We've always thought that if some superstar like JT or Bob Dylan found out about us, they would want to support our important work with a HUGE DONATION. There's a great organization "Music Maker Relief Foundation" that supports blues players- I understand they get thousands each year from some big rockers- well, we need some big folkers to step up.  
       You don't know any??? Well, you just proved the point- it's always been hard for "noncommercial" artists to survive in a commercial environment. Fans of dance and theater have long known that public support is necessary to keep these arts a vibrant, living part of our communities- folk musicians are traditionally not so organized; we're an anarchic group, on our own, struggling to be heard over the constant din of commercial noise.  efolkMusic's mission is to help these talented independent artists
     Our music service brings together fans and musicians, with resources like our folk festival listing, our folk radio listings, live performance schedules, blogs, the TuneShop archive of fiddle tunes, expert music reviews, artist services, plus MP3 and CD sales and distribution.

     We distributed 26,000 promotional mp3s last year, and had over almost two million visitors to our website- won't you consider making a donation to help us "pick it up & carry it on"? Your donation is tax-deductible, of course.

   Thanks again- stay tuned!

      Chris Frank
      Chief Musical Officer and Bottle Washer

PS I'm really not kidding about forwarding this to a rich person- doesn't HAVE to be a folksinger....

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      Now available Vol 3, TWELVE FREE tracks, from 12 of our exceptional artists: Shady Grove Band, Hugh Morrison, Moonrakers, Deborah Hord, Shoofly Audio, Jeff Talmadge, Good Tangerines, J D Miner,Lou Vargo, High Cotton, Steve Eulberg and the Coastal Cohorts.
      This is a great way to expand your listening horizons,  NO STRINGS attached (except on the guitars)!
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Exceptional Artists Wanted- No Charge for "Qualified" Artists! 
Create and maintain a complete point-of-contact for current and potential fans: Artists can offer "Digital Albums" and individual MP3 tracks for sale or promotional distribution You don't need a complete album, if you have tracks you want to publish and distribute, we can help you.
       We are a "filtered" site, looking for exceptional music- if you have some and want us to help you get it into more ears, application is  easy, just point us to where we can have a listen. ... It's now FREE-here's more info>> 

Membership has it's benefits- including a new one!
This is a great time to become a member of our nonprofit- we bet more than a few of you have or will be getting a portable music player, McPod, smart phone/music player, etc, and it probably will hold about a million tunes. What are you going to do???

     We can help. Membership starts at just $30 a year, and all memberships give you:

  • Instant access to over 1800 free "Member MP3" downloads from our exceptional artists, full length stereo tracks
  • "Song of the Week" delivered to your desktop via RSS feed- our editors choose an exceptional track for automatic download to your media player (opt in) members can subscribe to this free feed
  • The efolkMusic MP3-CD sampler Vol 3: 100 full-length songs on CD, in mp3 format, featuring a broad range of Bluegrass, Country, Celtic and Americana music
  • 5 download credits, a starter "MultiPak", good for any tracks on our site
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference, helping us to "pick it up & carry it on"

But here's the latest: "Song of the Week" delivered to your desktop via RSS feed- our editors choose an exceptional track each week for automatic download to your media player (opt in) - that's another 52 songs for your listening enjoyment!
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