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efolkMusic News January,2008
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efM Editors Website "Pick O' the Month:
       MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be was recently launched as an online community and resource center for emerging artists, musicians and music executives. John Doe, founder of the LA punk band X, solo artist and actor, Know the Music biz maintains a blog on called "What Would John Doe Do?" ( WWJDD?) where John answers questions about the music business from community members. If you have a question for John Doe about the music business, music or life in general feel free to submit them to wwjdd_at_KnowTheMusicBiz_dot_com

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Building a Better Music Service: What Does It take To Get Your Support?  
On the Internet, if you are not growing and improving, it doesn't take long to become "old news".  efolkMusic must continue to evolve.
       What started as a retail outlet for artists has grown into a "music service"- a gathering place for all things "folk"- music, artist info, resources like the folk festival and folk radio show listings, and most especially GOOD MUSIC and lots of it. We distributed 26,000 "promo" tracks in the last year, and had over a million visitors!

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     Thanks again- stay tuned!

      Chris Frank
      Chief Musical Officer and Bottle washer

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New MP3 Singles and Digital Albums
     These efolkMusic member artists all have new offerings, for immediate download, 98 cents or less per song with convenient MP3 multipaks

Mark Pollock • PatrickKlaybor • Jim Brannigan • Fran Mandeville and Lisa Sturz • Jim Low • Rosehill • Viktor Mastoridis • Rick Lee • Farryl Purkiss • Dan Weintraub 

New CD Additions ::
Joel Mabus (Retold) Joel Mabus
     Twelve vintage songs from the pen of Joel Mabus, freshly recorded. Each has grown up a bit since the first time around, and each merits a re-telling.
Rhonda Vincent Rhonda Vincent
Good Thing Going
     12 songs in her energetic performance style, along with ballads - including a duet with Russell Moore on "I Give All My Love to You." Also featuring "World's Biggest Fool," "Hit Parade of Love," and a duet with Keith Urban on "The Water Is Wide.".    
Vassar Vassar Clements
New Hillbilly Jazz
     Two CD set, with David Bromberg, others. Vassar defines "hot" when it comes to fiddling, check it out.
Vassar Third Tyme Out
Footprints: A IIIrd Tyme Out Collection
      Fifteen track best-of compilation featuring two new compositions, plus "Footprints in the Snow" and "One Kiss Away From Loneliness." Featuring Russell Moore, Ray Deaton, Steve Dilling, Wayne Benson, and Mike Hartgrove.

New Digital (Downloadable) Albums:

Kent Folk (The Rattlaz : Songs of Peace & Protest) Kent Folk
The Rattlaz : Songs of Peace & Protest
     England is still experiencing hard times and the crow is still well and truly fixed to the cradle. Deportees are still with us in the form of migrant workers ... The voice in all these songs is the voice of compassion and understanding, the voice of hope and determination. We ignore this voice at our peril.
Jim Low (Dancing in the Dust) Jim Low
Dancing in the Dust

     As the title suggests, there is an integral dynamic to this collection of songs. The stimulus for much of the CD came from traveling the dusty roads west of Australia's Great Dividing Range. One thing cannot be denied - the dusty grit of the past is sprinkled, if not poured in some cases, over these songs.
Jay Mankita (Morning Face) Jay Mankita
Morning Face
     Jay Mankita's collection of 10 richly textured, quirky, acoustic songs featuring guitars, vocals, mandolin, cello, and concertina, moving away from the humorous and the political, and more firmly into heart and soul territory.
The Additives (Back In Bridgeport) The Additives
Back In Bridgeport

     The Additives play a refreshing hybrid of indie, folk, and subterranean Bridgeport blues. Drawing on the everyday, from relationships gone wrong to the "Champagne of Beers", their great tunes, smart lyrics, and timeless hooks will leave you singing their praises (quite literally) for days.


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