From: Gundula Greun [balkanevents_at_googlemail_dot_com]
Sent: 26 January 2008 20:09
Subject: LGO Family Concert
Dear People,

May I invite you to the first Family Concert of the London Gypsy Orchestra.

after many enquiries, when we finally would arrange an event at a time to bring the children, we organized for you our next concert:

"A Dance in the Magic Forest"

An animated afternoon full of bright colours, joyful Gypsy music, bubbly Balkan dance, tiny smiles and huge laughter, with small and very small visitors from the Balkans and the world of puppets, suitable for all big and small children from 0 99.

Special Guests: The Marionettears and their puppets who yet want to keep their identity secret

Sunday 17th February, 3pm
Tickets at or at the door, door opens at 2.40pm

Download the flyer here

One more Goodie here: Fotis, our Davul man and Multi Media specialist, has just created and uploaded some clips of the Union Chapel Concert, that LGO performed on the 10th of November 07. You retirece nice memories, or check out what you missed if you haven't been there...

Balkan Delights, and 45 kisses, one from each LGO member,


Gundula Gruen

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