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                MUSICAL TRADITIONS CLUB   WINTER  2008
Dear Member,  
 Happy New Year !  Hope to see you at some of our events.
All the best,
Peta Webb & Ken Hall   
Friday 11th January  2008
We are pleased to welcome the legendary TOM PALEY, JOE LOCKER
and  BEN PALEY. London-based  Old Time String Band  featuring fiddle,
 5-string banjo and guitar , Tom and Joe have worked together since 1966
and Ben’s fine fiddle playing is a recent  welcome addition.  They have a
classic repertoire from the likes of Charlie Poole, Cliff Carlisle and Uncle
 Dave Macon and recently released a new CD  "Dealing a New Hand".
                                                                          With Gail Williams and Jim Younger.
                                         TWO FEBRUARY DATES :
Friday 1st  February    BOAT BAND 
The BOAT BAND are :Greg Stephens (guitar, banjo), Kate Barfield (fiddle, trombone), Mark Burke (percussion, accordions),  Tony Weatherall (accordions) and they all share the vocals. Well known to Cajun enthusiasts for their authentic dance music, they have also explored their native Cumbrian music over the years and we look forward  to tunes and songs  from both traditions tonight.

After playing for many years, trawling the venues of Britain and beyond, THE BOAT BAND have picked up a huge and varied catch of tunes: Creole, Caribbean, gospel, Cajun, zydeco and blues - not much slips through the net.If it touches the heart and moves the feet, it's in the repertoire.

Their latest venture takes the band away from the cajun twosteps of South Louisiana to the dance music of northwest England, drawing on the rich tradition of some thousands of tunes collected by and from the musicians of Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria. The favourite current source of good tunes is the Langdale fiddler William Irwin. and The Boat Band have just released new CD "A TRIP TO THE LAKES" featuring these tunes. Come along and enjoy the English tunes and songs nestling in alongside the already eclectic offerings.

Friday 29th  February   Róisín White    

One of the foremost song carriers of the Ulster tradition, Roisin has a wonderful rough velvet voice and a jaunty style all her own. We are delighted to welcome her back .

 Dates for your Diary :
Friday 14th March       Brian Peters
Friday 4 April      (NB date corrected)      Elizabeth Stewart with Alison McMorland
May 9th-11th              KEITH SUMMERS FESTIVAL, details to follow 

Musical Traditions Club at The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W  6DL (at the junction of Foley Street and Cleveland Street). 8- 11pm. Nearest tube: Goodge Street /Warren Street/ Great Portland Street. Parking OK  after 6.30.       Admission  for Members £6, Concessions £3.50.         Non-Members £7, Concessions £4.
For further information,  contact : petawebken_at_aol_dot_com     or      0208 340 0530   

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     NON -MTC EVENTS                   

 Syncopators on Sunday  
The  Titanic Syncopators are taking a break for a few weeks.
      Meanwhile " son of Titanics"
                       The Andy Simons Syncopators
                                                                 continue at The Plough in  East London.
                   JAZZ at The PLOUGH Inn
Wood Street, Walthamstow E17 3NU,    next to Wood Street Station,
Chingford Line from Liverpool Street via Walthamstow Central (tube interchange)
Sunday sessions    2-4pm   admission free
20th January and      24th February  2008
             Swing along to The Andy Simons Syncopators      
   jazz standards and 30s hotcha      featuring the vocals of Peta Webb 
contact :
Andy Simons   020 8521 9157      jazzyandy_at_googlemail_dot_com
Peta Webb      020 8340 0530       petawebken_at_aol_dot_com   
Andy Simons (guitar)          Tony Engle (saxophones)
Ned Clack     (tuba)              Peta Webb (vocals)
 Cellar Upstairs Folk Club
 Sat. 2nd. FEB: SEAN MONE (comic and tragic songs from County Armagh singer and satirical songwriter of Trimble's Pimple, Lovers and Friends, Jack and Rosalita,  etc)
VENUE: Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London  NW1 2HR (on the corner of Cobourg Street, near Euston and Euston Square stations; parking is easy), Saturdays at 8.15pm.
INFORMATION: 020 7281 7700
ENTRANCE: Members: £5, non-members:£6 (unwaged £1 less) .  Membership: £2 for the year.
Regular Irish sessions  continue at the Auld Triangle on Sunday evenings
 with Reg Hall on piano.

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