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Attached is a word document with (hopefully) our gigs in your format. In the near future I will be creating an html table so that I can use the same format for my web site and yours but for now I send you Jan and Feb. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your formatting in any way in case I continue to use this method.

I really appreciate your help in promoting our gigs. Would you like me to add a link to from our website to help promote your work (and local music)?

If you are in the area please stop by and say hello.

Thanks again,


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Dear Jenny,
Thanks indeed
So glad to have the Wrotham Arms gig list - often used to drive there to write it down, but so little time to do all the gigs that need entering.
Feel free to send me chatty mews items for the News pages,
but the actual calendar is easiest to create from simple event lists :
I can take a gig list in a number of formats,
you can see more at :

Here is the actual format I build calendar from (the start of the actual existing table, from 2004), you should be able to see how to apply it to the current gig list.
actually here replaced it by the current gig list - beau


Wrotham Arms
WA Wrotham Arms , |9 Ramsgate Road, | Broadstairs.| CT10 1QQ | 01843 86178 _at_ WA

T 8:30 - 11 pm

Y 2008
M Jan

D 11
G Ebbaís Creek | Country/Rock

D 12
G Glenn Barnes | Rock/Alternative/Folk

D 18
G Phatt Bístards | 60ís 70ís 80ís Covers |with a Comedy Twist

D 19
G Happy Trails | Americana Folk

D 25
G Porch Swing Blues | Blues/Acoustic/Jazz

D 26
G Wheeler Street | Folk Folk/Rock

M Feb

D 1
G Woodshed Session | with Bob Kenward |& friends | Open Acoustic |Singalong Session

D 2
G Trilogy | 70ís 80ís 90ís Covers

D 8
G Wertherís Originals | Old School Rock

D 9
G Jim Reynolds | Blues

D 15
G 706 Union Avenue | Blues/Rock

D 16
G Jim Leverton | Light Rock / Blues

D 22
G Catapella | Folk

D 23
G The Fling | Folk Rock

D 29
G Roger Betts | Blues Guitar