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efolkMusic News- Feb 2008
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Are you hip to RSS? OK, we are once again ahead of the curve, but we like there- try it, you'll love it.
     Our Song-cast automatically downloads to your computer and portable player. Once you've subscribed you do nothing- our editors are constantly looking for "must hear" tracks from our exceptional catalog to add to this FREE feed.
     Here's how RSS works: First, make sure you have the latest version of your browser, as all current browsers support RSS feeds. (If you click on the link below and get gobbledygook, you need to update!) Then just click on the link below and follow your browser's prompt

Subscribe to the efM "Song-cast "- It's Free

Wait- there's more!  Become a member and get the free members-only "Song of the Week" RSS feed- that's 52 more tracks, on top of the 100-track CD/MP3 we send you (snail-mail) and the 1800+ "Member MP3s" available to our supporters- memberships start at just $50 a year, less than ONE DOLLAR A WEEK!

Assuming the Nonprofit Mentality
  "The nonprofit institution is not merely delivering a service. It wants the end user to be not a user but a doer." -Peter Drucker 
     That's a pretty profound thought to squeeze your noodle on, if you ask me. For example, a museum or a church is much different from say, Wal-mart or Exxon.  Their goal is to make money.  The nonprofit's mission has a higher calling, to cause a change in a human being. The successful organization creates or changes habits, increases knowledge, etc,  thereby improving the life of the recipient.
       How do we do that with folk music? It seems pretty straight ahead to me- we've got to help and inspire you to 1) Listen to more music- here, at home, at concerts and clubs; 2) Play more music- pursue a musical goal, get together with other players, make music a part of your everyday life; 3) Support this nonprofit by joining or donating. If you don't pay the piper, who will?
-  a few (more) words from CEO Chris Frank

Viral Marketing 101
     Thanks again and again for your moral support- you are well aware of the good work we do supporting the good music and musicians- can we ask a favor? Can you help us by bringing a friend "into the fold"?
     There are no ads on efolkMusic, and our advertising budget is exactly zero- so how can we spread the word?   If you could tell at least one folk music fan about efolkMusic, it could really help us continue to operate this service.
       Tell them about our growing database of folk festivals, folk radio shows, concert schedules, and about our full-song streaming previews from featured artists.
     And tell them about the 1800+ free tracks available to members, and how our "filtered" selection can help them fill their McPods with "mighty fine" music, all for less than a buck a week! Our exceptional artists will be eternally grateful.
      Make it easy- send them this link to our join page, or just forward this email- and hey, maybe you could go there yourself and support us financially as well as spiritually!.  

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