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March 12, 2008

Newsletter #34

Where's Ariel?

March 7-15 – SXSW Interactive & Music Festival, Austin TX – This SXSW will mark our 12th anniversary (wow! How did that happen?) So if you will be in Austin I would love to raise a glass, talk web 2.0 / music biz or just see some darn good music. Please email me at contact_at_arielpublicity_dot_com and let’s hook up!


Downtown NYC luminaries unite for one astonishing benefit concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York City on Wednesday, March 19 , 2008 , coming to the aid of beloved record producer Scott Harding and the Scotty Hard Trust.

At 3am on Friday, February 15, music producer Scott Harding was a victim of a car crash in which he was a passenger of a car service, returning home from a late night mixing session. The cab he was riding in was broadsided by a stolen car; the impact crushed Harding’s T5 vertebrae, leaving him partially paralyzed. Scott Harding’s condition is serious and like many dedicated musicians he is without health insurance and is facing very large medical and legal fees.

The short term need to raise cash in order to handle Scott Harding’s affairs is very real. His friends and the dedicated musical community that Scott has long been a part of quickly united, offering performances in the form of a benefit concert for The Scotty Hard Trust, a special account that has been set up by friends of Harding which helps to handle Scott’s short-term financial needs through private monetary donations.

A benefit show featuring DJ Logic, John Scofield, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Bill Laswell, Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Antibalas, Sex Mob, John Ellis, Michael Blake, Vijay Iyer, Tommy Hamilton, Kevin Kendrick and more will be taking place at The Highline Ballroom, in NYC, on March 19th.

For tickets, head to:

100% of proceeds will be going to the Scotty Hard Trust. We need your support ! Hope to see you there!


Justin Hopkins
Genre: Rock
In a world of slick pop and manufactured artists comes a singer/songwriter that uses elements of old school rock and soul with poignant lyrics. An artist that is in it for the right reasons. “Why Would God Come to LA” is #12 on the Swedish singles sales chart!!!

Tally Hall
Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie
A newly revised album and an Internet show—not to mention live concert tours—would be enough for most bands. But Tally Hall is less a band than an idea. The quintet considers all this just a first salvo in what it plans to be a long and inventive career; Tally Hall’s secret ultimate goal, apparently, is to open an amusement park whose attractions will run the gamut, from a traditional carousel to an actual moon voyage.

Temple of Soul
Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Funk
Temple Of Soul will make you dance, get down, party, groove and most assuredly want to hear more. If you ever were captured by the beat of Mother’s Finest, the soul of Jimi Hendrix, the funk of Sly & the Family Stone, or the groove of Barry White then be prepared for the sonic sensation of their new album, Brothers In Arms.


Featured Blog:
Hot Indie News is an online news resource with a progressive vision. It serves as an alternative voice to mainstream media and provides a forum for creativity, activism and self-discovery. The editorial focus is experiential and down to earth and embraces a creative, socially conscious way of life. Features include a beyond the mainstream slant on politics, the arts, health and spirituality, lifestyle options, offbeat humor and more.'s appeal crosses over generational lines and is defined by values, interests and lifestyle choices rather than conventional demographics. The Website doesn't disregard mainstream culture; instead, it goes beyond its limitations with respect for human dignity, cultural diversity and the environment. Check out Hot Indie News for the lateste reviews on Cyber PR Artists Darius Lux and Susan Krebs.

Featured Podcast:
Accident Hash
Boston based Accident Hash is the premiere independent music podcast to find the best mix in podsafe music. Accident Hash is usually a half hour of talk and music. Listen to Episode 262 for Cyber PR Artists Sarah Vonderhaar and Running Still.

Featured Internet Radio Station:
KGRL Radio
KGRL is a non-profit non-commercial 24/7 high-definition radio stream featuring the very best QUALITY female fronted music. The station is based in Los Angeles, CA. The genre we play mostly falls within: indie, eclectic, alternative, jazz, pop, folk, rock, trip-hop, classic, and even japanese pop category. KGRL has added in Cyber PR artists Sheri Miller, and The Callen Sisters to their rotation.

Man Behind The Monitor:
Mister G with Green Arrow Radio

Green Arrow Radio is essentially a radio show, but with one look at the site, it's hard not to call you a blogger as well.  What pushed you to do both with the Green Arrow entity?

When beginning my greenarrowradio program, I realized that the music listener isn't as one dimensional as JUST a listener of music.  SO I thought of some ideas on what format would work best for my time, and for listeners and potential readers.  I feel like I have drawn listeners and lookers alike from all realms of the globe with diverse backgrounds and interesting ideas of "things".  I have tried to bring an eclectic outlook to my website, similar to the way I format my on air program...very wide open with bridges from one style of music connecting them and essentially making neighbors with styles that otherwise might never find a home within a "locked in" genre.  I enjoy the opportunity to reach into the mind of an artist with "conversations" directly with them about things they are working on, believing in and any other topic the conversation brings us upon: EXHIBIT A... my conversation with Mr. Bo Diddley.

Have you thought of expanding into any other realms of web media, and if so how?

So I guess I was pushed to my greenarrowradio format musically with a "Direction Unknown" philosophy, and to become a unique voice within the vast musical community.

Have you thought of expanding into any other realms of web media, and if so how?

I often kick around the idea of joining/creating new media ideas with the backbone of bringing the voice of the artist to the forefront--some ideas are my own innovations that await the correct time, I dabble here and there in this and that, musically and otherwise.  The web has many avenues to explore and new trails to be blazed, so I think opportunities could be endless as long as people like those at Ariel's Publicity, keep focused on the art and the artist.

What dissuaded you from hosting the music on popular sites like Live365?

I have been approached by some resources to bring greenarrowradio and its programming to their site, their world and I have stood by my "This Land is My Land" approach.  I use several resources to promote my program and its exploits and I really enjoy being the sole provider of the sets I spend so much time putting together, the interviews I seek out to bring to my open minded listeners and a different voice within a global and most importantly my local community. 

You cover some interesting material in the blog section, like the Marijuana Vending Machines in LA and the Beetle named after Roy Orbison, do you find readers coming to the site for that content rather than the music?

On the site, I find people checking out many of the articles I put up pertaining to things other than music focused postings.  I have learned that many folks like to respond directly to me on those without posting a reply, which is cool with me.  I believe because there is no debate or tossing back and forth of contrary views, there aren't long lines of replies battling words/thoughts/opinions.  I respect the listeners/readers individuality and attempt to come up with things I think greenarrowradio's supporters will find "COOL".  And knowing how diverse my audience is (thankfully), my direction unknown approach that works for me seem to bring some synergies into the worlds of others, and that bridge keep getting bigger and stronger, and truthfully, that is what's great and groovy about the direction of greenarrowradio...the future is UNKNOWN.

I want to thank the team at Ariel's Publicity for being a direct and valued link in the bridge connecting neighbors together, musically and otherwise.



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