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Ben Paley's Newsletter
_____________________________________________________________________ Hello all,

Sorry to disturb you all again so shortly after the last time, but here;s a very short-notice confirmation of me and Maggie Boyle at the Court Sessions in London (and a reminder of the two other gigs in the Expatriate Game's mini tour): _____________________________________________________________________ The Musician, Leicester
_____________________________________________________________________ With The Expatriate Game
Read more about The Musician, Leicester at
_____________________________________________________________________ National Theatre Foyer
_____________________________________________________________________ With The Expatriate Game
Read more about National Theatre Foyer at
_____________________________________________________________________ The Court Sessions
_____________________________________________________________________ With Maggie Boyle
Read more about The Court Sessions at
_____________________________________________________________________ And as always, don't forget the Rock Inn in Kemp Town, Brighton, alternate Thursdays - the next one is Valentine's day, and if you're not coming to see us in Leicester then nothing could be more romantic than Brighton's most laid-back acoustic night!

See you all soon,

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