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Subject: [SCoFFnews] Wednesday 30th April - Change of Venue!

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Hi everybody,
This is just a note to say that, unfortunately, there has had to be a last-minute change of plans regarding the Willows on WEDNESDAY 30th APRIL.  As many of you will know, on that date we have our good friends WOOD WIRE & WORDS appearing.  This gig will be going ahead - but, unfortunately, it has now become necessary for us to house this gig in a different venue. 
Last Wednesday, the Football Club advised me that they had the opportunity of hosting a major (and highly lucrative) football match at the club on Wednesday 30th April.  This match would require the use of the function room that the Willows rents.  I felt very awkward about the situation, and after much agonising, for various reasons I opted to acquiese to the Football Club's request. 
As a consequence, we do not have the use of the Football Club function room on this date.  We will instead be running the evening in Clapham & Patching Village Hall, a venue well known to many of our regulars. 
We will be hiring in a bar for the evening (as the village hall does not have one), and all other aspects of the gig remain the same, i.e. time, price, etc.  More details will follow shortly, with a map, and I hope that you will feel able to support us, and Wood Wire & Words, for this evening. 
I apologise for the short notice of this, and hope you will appreciate that this was completely unexpected and very much out of our hands.  For my own part, I'm extremely concerned, as we have, naturally, been advertising this gig as taking place in the Willows' regular home of Arundel Football Club.  If any of you have friends or other contacts connected with the folk scene, I'd be grateful if, this once, you could please circulate this information, as it is obviously of paramount importance that this news reaches as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  Many thanks for your help!  :) 
For those of you awaiting this month's April newsletter, due to the sudden and unexpected change of plan for this evening, it will be delayed by a couple of days, but I hope to send it out shortly. 
I hope we shall have the pleasure of welcoming you to the Willows soon - take care for now, and look forward to seeing you soon!  :)
Best wishes,
Chris Davis
The Famous Willows Folk Club
Arundel, West Sussex

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